A List Maker's Life: Books from the Easter Basket

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Books from the Easter Basket

Today's warmer temperature & sunny sky has me thinking about Easter.
It will be here before we know it.

Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile has a great compilation of childrens picture books perfect for Easter. Check out the list before your next trip to the library. The site is also hosting a giveaway where you could win two of the books featured.



  1. Makes me want to put up the Easter decorations! But I guess I'll wait till I take down the St. Patty's decorations. (:

  2. Hi! I've enjoyed reading your blog and getting ideas for fun projects so I gave you a reward! ;) Click here to get it!

  3. Thanks for the tip! Looks like a cute little book. By the way, on the jelly bean bracelets, it IS a little difficult to push the needle through. But I bet the kids could thread the needle through after you do the poke! :)

  4. I saw that post she does have a lot of good ideas, I'm thinking of books to add to the list...

  5. Thanks for the link! I love Easter and can't wait to do some fun things to prepare...I'm sure it will sneak up on us, though!

    Come on by to snag an award I gave you! Hope you had a great weekend!


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