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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Think It Through Thursday

Learning Objective:
The kids will practice recognizing numbers 1-12, counting, and adding numbers up to 12.

Frog rocks - We collected small rocks, painted them green, and drew on faces
Frog die cuts - Number the die cuts 1-12, +, =
2 Dice

1. Preparing the materials for this game would be a fun addition to a "Green Theme" day.
2. Set out the addition and equal sign frogs
3. Give each child a die
4. Leave frogs in a pile in the center of the table.
5. Each child should roll their die and figure out what number they have rolled
6. Count out the correct number of frogs to put in to the number sentence
7. Word together to figure out how many frogs there are all together
8. Find the frog labeled with the correct answer
9. After correctly figuring out the answer to each number sentence the child may take their frogs to add to "the pond"
10. Return the numbered frog to the group and start another turn

If you want to make it a bit competitive you may declare the winner to be the child with the most frogs in their pond when all of the frogs have been used.

As you can see there are many math concepts in review during this activity. My younger child is specifically practicing number recognition. During the game we tried to be sure she was the one searching for the correct numbered frog. Our older child is ready for addition, so he was doing most of the adding for the team.



  1. Love this! It is perfect for both of the kids! Now I have to figure out how to cut out cute little frogs.

  2. Katie,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I will try to link the color wheel to your blog. Thanks.

  3. I **LOVE** this! I just really want to make the cute frog rocks...the math is a bonus!

  4. I agree with Sarah...my girls would love to make the little frogs.

  5. I love math games and painting rocks! I loved using rocks to help my kids with their early elementary math homework. It really made a difference in how fast they learned.

    This is a wonderful use of creativity and manipulatives for helping your children learn their math.

    Thanks for the post.


  6. What a fun and cute way to work on math.
    I love the frog rocks.

    Thanks for linking and have a great weekend.

  7. I LOVE the frog rocks...Emily and I will be making those at some point this week!!

    Thanks for the great idea:0)

  8. Great ideas...as always! And, of course coming up with "frog rocks" is genius! Cute math game that I will definitely have to hold onto.

  9. how fun is this! I LOVE those frog rocks! :) I would enjoy just making them!

    Wanted to invite you to share your fun ideas at the sunday showcase - my kids activity linky party.

    This is really a great way to make math fun & intercative



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