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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Teach Me Tuesday

The kids checked out the book, The Pie is Cherry by Michael Rex, on their last library visit.
The pictures are very colorful and inviting. I was excited about the opportunities the book presents for a few learning activities. Each sentence in the book has a noun & an accompanying descriptive word (adjective). The book includes many shapes, sounds, textures, colors, and more!

Idea #1:
After reading the book together, work with the kids to create their own book of adjectives.
Cut interesting pictures from magazines.
Glue the picture into a small paper book or notebook.
Looking at each picture ask your children to create a sentence that follows the book's pattern, "The cereal is colorful. The freezer is chilly. The fork is pointy." Etc...
Write the sentence under each picture you have added to your book.

Brainstorming adjectives with my kids was an opportunity for expanding their vocabulary. Eventually this will enhance their conversation skills and writing. This activity could be adapted and appropriate for elementary age children. Descriptive writing was always a focus for instruction in my second grade classroom.

Idea #2:
After reading the book, work with your children to create a list of all the descriptive words they remember from the story. On a large piece paper sort the compiled adjectives into 5 groups that reinforce our senses. Ex. Descriptors that explain how an object feels, looks, tastes, smells, or sounds like.

Learning the 5 senses is a learning objective for Kindergarten/1st grade students in many district's science curricula.

Idea #3:
Use the book as a spring board to talking about nutritious and non-nutritious snacks.
After reading the book, dig out a collection of play foods from the toy kitchen. Sort the foods into different groups based on food groups, healthy or not, and more.

This activity is appropriate for children of any age. It was especially timely for my children who continue to tell me that they want "treats" not "snacks." They are also convinced that chicken nuggets and ice cream "are good for my body!"


  1. I had never heard of this book before and you've got a bunch of good ideas to try! I've got it on reserve at our library now, can't wait to get it and read.

    ER wants chicken nuggest with ketchup for every meal and considers marshmallows the perfect snack. So we could use some learning about nutrition.

  2. I'm going to check to see if my library has this book. Great activity ideas.

  3. Bummer, it's not available through my library.

    Also, I noticed you have the author's last name as "Fox", but the book says "Rex". I was able to find his other books, but not this one.


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