A List Maker's Life: Teach Me Tuesday: Predicting

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Teach Me Tuesday: Predicting

I have a budding young scientist in my home. He loves to experiment and watch for fun results. However, he is not to fond of making a guess (hypothesis) before seeing the outcome. He doesn't want to be wrong....hmmmmm...I don't know where he could have gotten that trait. Anyway, we came up with a fun activity to practice predicting, do a little scientific experimentation, and celebrate Spring hatchings!

Learning Objective: Gavin will make a prediction and "write" it down.

~Note paper
~Plastic Easter Eggs
~Magic Growing Capsules

1. Pick a capsule
2. Put it inside a plaster egg
3. Fill the egg with very warm water
4. Clasp the egg together & give it a little shake, rattle, and roll.
5. While the egg sits a minute, predict what might hatch
6. Write the prediction on note paper
7. Hatch the egg and see what has grown inside.

BTW, his predictions were Lion & Tiger.



  1. You're so good, doing science! I am bad at remembering to include that in our daily activities. Pretty bad when you consider exactly what Brad does for a living!

  2. Why can't I think of doing this stuff with my kids? I did the prediction game a lot with my 5th graders using all sorts of things. I usually did it on parents' day...it was so fun watching them try to decide what was inside! I love that you used Easter eggs.

    OK, I'm really missing teaching right now! :)

  3. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Found you on UBP and I thought I would join your linky with yesterday's post! I hope that is OK :) The end has what I have been up to... all the side notes!

  5. You have been busy - I haven't checked in for a few days (been subbing like crazy) and you have so many fun posts for me to catch up on. I love the card kit - I had no idea it was so cute and I am excited to see it as a fun giveaway for someone who will use it. :)

    Using the egg for the capsules is so smart! I have done this with the boys years ago but we just sat and watched until they hatched rather than making it in to a learning opportunity. I will have to try it again in this fashion - so clever!!!


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