A List Maker's Life: Starting Them Early

Friday, March 20, 2009

Starting Them Early

It’s no secret that I love to scrapbook!
If the kids are napping, this mom is scrapping (Well…in theory…)
Anyway, Gavin got a new digi camera for Christmas. For the first time he has pictures of his own that he is excited to scrapbook. So, I decided to set up both kids with a mini-album of their own. I set the kids loose with my prized Creative Memories tools – after giving them the same tutorial I used with my second grade recess club kids.

The steps to scrap booking:
Select Photo
Back (Pick a favorite color paper)
Mount (Only use tape in the corners…)
Embellish (Stickers!!!)

They got it. They did it. They enjoyed it.
I’m so excited! Now, after napping the kids are scrapping!


  1. Both of my kiddos love to scrapbook too - it makes it a lot of fun to get all my stuff out and work on our projects together!

  2. I love to scrap as well and it never occured to me to have my kids do it. We never even download the pictures off their cameras. This would make a great project! Thanks for participating in Kid Friendly Friday!

  3. How fun, they look like they're having a blast. I know what you mean about starting them young! I just bought a Cuttlekids on clearance, I'll be holding on to that for awhile but couldn't pass it up.

  4. Oh my goodness! That looks like SO MUCH FUN! I would never have thought to do this. The mini album idea is so FUN! I think I'll be getting my son a digi camera for his birthday this year (ok it's not till November but I need to think ahead!). I think he'd LOVE to do this!

  5. How fun! Abby would love to do that. I work on the family scrapbooks twice a year and she always wants to "help" me. I usually just give her some stickers, but her making an actual book would be fun.

  6. That's neat that you let them make their own mini albums. I bet they had a ball!

  7. I'm right there with you on my love for scrapbooking! Too bad I can't squeeze in the time to do it more often.

    This is great that you're letting your kids learn this fun hobby at such a young age. I feel guilty that I'm not letting my 3-year old do more projects!! I might just have to give her her own little book and some pictures to "play with"...to get the idea.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. That is so much fun for kids. I know they must love it.

  9. Good work. I learned this early on, when my children were small. They wanted to be right there in the middle of scrapping with me and were often in the way.

    I was tired of waiting until they went to bed and trying to cram all the photos into a quick late night session. I oft times ended up staying up too late.... not good ....

    So I decided to get them involved. I got some old card stock and some extra photos and made them their own kits, safety scissors, glue/tape, hole punches, and pretty paper.

    Then I let them choose a binder. They chose a spot at the table and this was their spot. Then we all scrapped together. They were happy and so was I.



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