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Monday, March 9, 2009


How many of us, as adults, admit to having trouble with spelling? I, for one, am often checking and re-checking my spelling. Correct spelling does not come naturally for all learners. It takes practice. Thank goodness for this new & unique spelling software available for my budding readers & writers!

Vocabulary & Spelling Review Made Easy

Learning Objective:
Students of all ages, ability levels, and school programs will improve their spelling skills as they work toward mastery of their individualized lists, according to the requirements of any spelling curriculum their school might use.

~SpellQuizzer: Spelling Software - a FREE trial is available for download

1. Import pre-made spelling lists or add your child's individualized lists into this spelling software. By using silly voices to record word prompts the spelling quiz becomes even more engaging.
2. Work with your child the first time through to help them understand the features of SpellQuizzer. Helpful tips on software features pop up each time you begin.
3. Let your child work independently to work through the spelling lists they are practicing.
4. Encourage & watch with excitement as your child masters their spelling lists without the arguements that ensue from having a parent do the quizzing!

Features & Benefits:
~SpellQuizzer is user friendly & easy to manage
~The program compliments any spelling curriculum
~Built-in spellchecking recognizes US & UK English spellings. This helps to ensure that all words are entered & practiced correctly.
~Grade level specific lists are included in the program & additional thematic lists with pre-recorded sound are available to import.
~Word lists can easily be exported to other SpellQuizzer users.

As you know, my children are quite young and not necessarily ready for formal spelling instruction. However, the teacher in me was sure to find adaptations to make this spelling program useful for our situation. Here are some of the extension activities I came up with that would be appropriate for students at many different levels.

Extension Activities:
~Pre-record lists of simple words your young children will recognize. Prompt them to find the initial consonant sound of the words they hear. When they have mastered initial sounds ask for ending sounds.
~Create a lists of important numbers your child must memorize. Prompt them to enter with cues such as "What number will you dial in an emergency?" "What is our house number? ...phone number?...your birthday? etc." SpellQuizzer provides an interactive method for reviewing these important numbers.
~Make a list of family names for your child to practice spelling correctly.
~Practice opposites by recording prompts such as "up, big, tall" and requiring the answers "down, small, short."
~Record definitions of new words and prompt your child to come up with the appropriate terms as a vocabulary exercise.

As you can see SpellQuizer is a spelling program with many capabilities for engaging students, at all levels, as they go about the business of learning!



  1. I am a terrible speller and am so happy to see the boys getting 100% on most of their spelling tests so far. This software sounds great, especially during the summer to keep up what they learned the year before. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. This looks like a great program and I like how you found ways to use it with the very young too. That way you know you'll get more bang for your buck if your kids can use it for a long time. I never liked spelling, it was one of my worst subjects. Wish I had something fun like this to practice!


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