A List Maker's Life: Scalloping

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Since Heidi issued her challenge to create something using a scallop punch I have been experimenting!

As I posted earlier this week I put together a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom game for the kids using my punches.

While I was working on the game Gavin really wanted to take his turn trying "mom's tool". I let him have his hand at punching scallops out of sheets of thin, colored foam.

What to do with all of these special punch outs?

We added in some other shape punches (starburst, circle, and hole punch) and let the kids design flowers. We cut green scallops into fourths to make small leaves. When the punched shapes were layered into floral creations we glued them together and attached them to magnets.

Frilly & Colorful Foam Flowers!

We think they turned out pretty cute.


  1. Very cute!!! :-)


  2. They sure did and it's nice to be able to make your own and not have to by flowers to get the perfect match!

  3. Katie, How fun! I love that you let your son help you. :) These little magnets are adorable. Super creative and super fun! Thanks for sharing your idea with us!

  4. I started a Recipe Binder too and I love it. I type each recipe that I make and my family enjoys. The great thing about having them all typed up is that they are so easy to share. I am always e-mailing friends and family the recipes that they enjoy!


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