A List Maker's Life: Potty Talk

Monday, March 2, 2009

Potty Talk

I would not insist on celebrating my daughter's birthday by making it her first day with no diapers.

After only 3 hours , and 1 successful trip to the potty, it was not me who packed up my little girl and her pretty panties for a "coffee" date at our favorite downtown locale.

I was not seen rushing to the bathroom with sweet daughter before ordering. Where I did not spend 3 minutes perfectly lining the toliet seat with 2 layers of toliet paper before lifting her tushie to the seat. And I did not let her flush all of the paper liner when she threw a massive tantrum about sitting on it.

It was not me who gave in, proceeded to the counter, and ordered a Strawberry Moo by asking, "What do you have that is pink? She needs a pretty, pink birthday drink."

While balancing 2 drinks, 1 large bag of extra clothing, and 1 baby to search for a seat, it was not me who quickly slipped into the stool at the only almost empty table as the previous tenants of those chairs were still cleaning up.

It was not me trying not to laugh as my daughter proceeded to urinate all over the stool as soon as she took the first sip of her warm milk.

It was not me trying not to cry as I lugged her wet bootie and my squirmy babe back to the bathroom.

It was not me who broke every germ-a-phobe rule I have when I used 1/2 a roll of paper towel to create a "safe" blanket for my baby on the floor of the public bathroom, because I didn't think to grab his seat when I went flying to the bathroom.

It was not me trying not to get sick as my dear daughter touched just about every inch of the wall in the bathroom as I attempted to change her outfit and clean up her drippy legs.

Are you getting the picture??

Oh Yes.

Well, I will be the first to admit, it is me celebrating now. Because in the days since then - fingers still crossed - she has stayed dry! Must be my wonderful potty traning prowess. HA!
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  1. Oh, my - I am so glad that is was not you otherwise it would have been very stressful, especially with baby to care for too. Congrats on staying dry Anne Hope!

  2. OMG Katie, I am dying over here! Soooo funny, cause it wasn't me! That sounds like something that would happen to ME!

  3. OH WOW! I feel for you! I was picturing everything and feeling your pain! However, that is what we did with Austin and it was the only thing that worked - go straight to underwear and deal with the accidents! I'm glad you've had dry days since! :-)

  4. FUNNY! So glad that she has decided that at 3 she is a big girl and dry too! So proud!
    But seriously, let the girl pee without the "liner". I don't think anyone has contracted a pee virus died by sitting on a toilet seat at JP's, a nasty gas station maybe.... :)

  5. oh my goodness! I can only imagine this!

  6. You are a brave woman! I did not take my daughter anywhere for 4 days while I was potty training! Happy Monday!

  7. Sorry, I had to chuckle a little... Sounds like quite the experience! Glad she's on her way to being a potty-trained big girl! ;)


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