A List Maker's Life: Pony Party

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pony Party

I love planning parties and I love having a theme! My very girly, girl has recently discovered My Little Pony, making that an easy choice for her birthday celebration.

The Food
Starsong Finger Jello:
Finger jello in every color of the rainbow, cut into star shapes, and layered in a large vase

Pony Trail Mix:
A mix of granola, chocolate chips, sunflower seeds, and dried cherries

A layered stack of crushed corn chips, taco meat, cheese, lettuce shreds, and other favorite taco toppings

Rainbow Sweet Shoppe Sippers:
Poured several flavors of koolaid into individual ice cube trays. Once frozen, the guests picked their own combination of rainbow colored cubes to put in their cup. The rest of the glass was filled with Sprite. Colorful, bubbly, yum!

The Games

Pony Rides:
Gavin used his imagination to design a sawhorse pony for "riding" and for picture posing.

Pony Races:
The guys set up an obstacle course for remote control pony cart races

A Pony Show:
Each guest was given a My Little Pony figuring to primp for the pony show using ribbons, hair brushes, and play jewelry. Piles of blocks were also available for creating a special stable platform for displaying their show stopping ponies. After the show each pony was given a ribbon for their uniqueness.

The "Favor"
Using several mini play dough containers in various colors, and coordinating colored glitter, the kids mixed the glitter into their play dough - a simple party activity and something sparkly to take home.

The Cake
I am not much of a cake baker or decorator. This theme was perfect for me because I could just make Anne Hope's desired "pink cake" and pose a couple of her mini ponies in the frosting on top.

In planning this party I used and/or adapted ideas from Hasbro's My Little Pony site & the Kids' Birthday Party Guide



  1. Great job, that looks like a very fun party. It was so nice of Gavin to make a pony to ride, what a loving big brother. I could go for a Rainbow Sweet Shoppe Sipper, do the ponies deliver?

  2. I love the Starsong finger Jello! That is awesome! I might have to try that one for a dessert sometime. My kids would go nuts!

  3. This looks like an amazing party! I bet your daughter loved every second of it. Everything was so creatively planned and it had the "mommy touch" written all over it. Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating 3 years! We'll be doing that in our household in just a couple short months. It's gone by too fast!

  4. Love it! I hope you don't mind, but I might steal this idea for our 3 year-old's bday party next week!

  5. how cool is this! I love the Jello!

  6. I am so happy that Ann Hope's birthday is before Hannah's seeing as we are stuck with the same theme this year! Lots of great ideas here!


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