A List Maker's Life: "Eat Out" Favorites

Friday, March 6, 2009

"Eat Out" Favorites

By Friday I am usually craving a good restaurant "Eat Out."

Fast Food – Qdoba
Family Dinner – Logans or Applebees
Pizza Place – New Holland
Date Night – Via Maria
Lunch Date – Good Earth or Arnies

What’s your list?


  1. Tonight, we get a date night! We are having Chinese. I love Cashew Chicken, but Abby is allergic to tree nuts so we avoid Chinese food.

    However, she'll be at Grandma's tonight! Cashews, here I come!!!

  2. I love Qdoba's chicken salad with their green salsa on it, oh yum-o! Maybe I'll have to twist Brad's arm to get him to take me there on Sunday, that's kid's eat free day. Only thing is the last time we went, my portion was kinda small compared to what I've gotten in the past. Not that I needed more! I've been being super healthy and not getting it in the shell to save some calories.

  3. Date night: Sumo- Japanese... Sushi is my new favorite... http://www.newsargus.com/guide/dining/sumo/

    Date night: Chef and the Farmer... the daughter is the chef... the dad is the farmer... the daughter uses all products grown in NC. She mostly uses local foods. It is de-stinkin'-licious. http://www.chefandthefarmer.com/

    Family Night: Chili's

    Lunch Date: Bonfire's Tortilla Bar http://www.bonfirestortillabar.com/

    Most of the time, I cook. Normally when we go out to dinner, it is just me and the hubs.

  4. I was just thinking yesterday that I haven't been to Arnies in forever!! I love that place for lunch.
    For us,
    Fast food: Culver's, Panera, Jimmy Johns.
    Family dinner: (what's that?) Old Boy's Brewhouse, Johnny Carinos, Kirby Grill, Outback.
    Pizza: Not sure, I don't like pizza so we don't do this much! Jeremy likes Marios in Holland.
    Date night: Again, what is that? Kirby Grill, Outback, same as family dinner, I guess...if it were to ever happen.
    Lunch: Panera, Arnies, First Wok.
    Mmmmm...just thinking of this is making me hungry. Thanks Katie!

  5. Trina~ If I would have included a restaurant for most intense cravings...especially when I was pregnant...it would be Jimmy Johns. YUM


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