A List Maker's Life: Artsy Giveaway!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Artsy Giveaway!

UPDATE: The winner of the Artsy Giveaway is Heather from A Spare & A Pair.

The Ultimate Blog Party has me thinking celebration!
I would love to celebrate YOU, my long time & newly discovered readers, with an artsy giveaway!

"Cute Card Kit" from Crayola's Big Yellow Box

"Oh, the lucky recipients of these cards! Playful, 3D characters POP off the pages, framed in trendy-printed borders. It's the mixing and matching of encouraging phrases, plaid with solid colors, and that 'just right' embellishment that make your cards the coolest!"

The kit includes:
~step-by-step instructions
~8 cards
~8 envelopes
~5 sheets of paper punch outs
~2 sheets of phrases
~1 glue stick
~1 package of adhesive foam dots

You will receive 1 entry for each option listed below.
Please leave separate comments to ensure optimal entries.

To Enter:
1. Leave a comment -
~Tell me about a specific post you have enjoyed.
~Do you have a favorite Listmaker's Life feature?

2. Add a link to one of my Mister Linkies this week - Leave a comment on this post when you do!
~Teach Me Tuesday
~Think It Through Thursday
~Saturday Salads

3. Become a follower

Entries will be accepted until March 31st.
I will announce a winner on April Fool's Day.
Good Luck!

Thank you Shelby from Schweri Stories for donating this fun giveaway!


  1. I loved the interview you did with the kids! I would be interested to see what my kids would say.

    Those cards are so cute!! I hope I win!

  2. I really liked your post about getting your recipes together. Actually any of your organization tips are great. I have never seen that cardmaking set. If I don't win, I may just go buy one!

  3. How fun Katie, I think my favorite one is the one with you and Anne Hope in the restaurant when she was potty training. Still hysterical whenever I think about it!

    And I am looking forward to Salad Saturdays a lot, cute new button!

  4. I'm a follower, as you know.

    And I'll link my activities that I posted today to you tomorrow.

  5. Can I say that I like all of your posts? :) I enjoy checking out your blog posts each day (or every few days which seems to be the trend these days with catching up with my favorite blogs...I'm always behind!) for something fun to try with the kids, or your lists, or just to see what you have been up to!

  6. You bet I'm a follower!

    I'll be linking up (hopefully) on Saturday for Saturday Salads. I have one I can't wait to share! I'll come back to leave a comment when I do.

  7. I am a follower! When I get a chance I'll come back for more entries. ;)

  8. I have to say I LOVE your garbage man letter! That was the perfect insight into your family! How cute!!!

  9. I like when you do the interviews with your children...so fun!

  10. This set looks really cute. I think I could put these together a little bit faster than the last ones we did together, hee hee!

    I am a BIG fan of your "Not Me" posts!

  11. I liked the recipes that you have posted - the tortellini soup sounds wonderful! Keep up the great work!


  12. I love your Not Me Monday posts and wordless Wednesday! Even though I've known you since 5th/6th grade, I still learn a lot from your blog! :-)
    I'm already a follower! :-)

  13. Here comes the prize train....TOOT TOOT!!!! You're a winner, stay tuned! Contact me happypandababy(@)gmail(.)com and reference #341


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