A List Maker's Life: Teach Me Tuesday

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Teach Me Tuesday

Learning Objective:
Anne Hope will fill in her initial letter in a basic activity meant to introduce the letters of her name.

~poster board cut in a square
~wide tip marker
~misc. stickers & decorations

1. Mom drew a large block letter of Anne Hope's
(and her friend Emerson's) initial letter.
2. The girls filled in their initial with stickers of their choice.

Note: This is also great fine motor practice as all of those little stickers having backings that must first be peeled off.

What activities are you working on with your kids this week? I'd love to see them!


  1. I CANNOT get Mr. Linky to work, I think I'm going to have to send people over here instead!

    So cute, and WOW did Emerson get all the stickers inside her letter or what! Mine isn't able to get all those backing off to save her life. So this is great fine motor practice for me:)

  2. Yes, Emerson did do a great job... hee, hee

    Is there a way to grab the Teach Me Tuesday button? I had a lesson plan all set up for today and at the last second it dawned on me that it is math - so now I have two for Thursday, which makes me a week ahead for next week now too.

    I will get one together for Tuesday, some day! :)

  3. OOOOO I will have to participate next time! I got your comment deleted, finally...too late I bet. Sorry about that!


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