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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Teach Me Tuesday

Learning Objective:
Anne Hope will identify letters of the alphabet by picking them out of a pile.

~box lid
~alphabet beads
~optional: small objects, solid color beads

1. Mix beads and rice
2. Allow free play time to explore the texture and play with the materials
3. Ask "I Spy" questions. Ex. "I spy the letter A"
4. Have your child search through the rice to find the letter
5. With older children try trickier clues.
Ex. "I spy the first letter of the word CAT"

~This activity could also be adapted to practice identification of colors and numbers. Add beads with number labels and/or solid colors.
~By putting the rice and beads in an empty water bottle you now have a traveling activity - great for the car, waiting room, or restaurant table.

What type of activities do you do to practice literacy skills? I'd love to see them! Please leave a link to a post of your own, old or new!
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  1. Good Idea! You're so on top of things to have the Linky up THIS week! I've already got someone who want to join in next week!

  2. I posted about an ABC book I did for my son. It is his favorite book and we read it daily. I think this has really helped him with his letters.

    I love the Playdoh letters. I have heard of it and I think it is time we try it!

  3. Sara's post about the ABC book reminded me that I did one too and now have the chance to display part of it to the blog world. Thanks for jogging my memory Sara! This is a great idea Katie, I love ideas to keep me working with Lil' that I can showcase.

  4. I love that idea! My mother-in-law made a game like that in a bean bag...with a plastic window. Kids LOVE playing with it! By the way, I plan on posting about potty training very soon, either this week or next, so stay tuned!

  5. I found that as I read, pointing at each word as I go along really helps with word recognition, and Hannah loves it when we are reading and I point to words and pretend I can't read them so she can read them to me. Not really an activity, but I think it works! :)
    Making the letters with your body or hands, or writing them on a foggy window is always fun too!

  6. This ia such a neat idea! My son would love to play in the rice and I am always looking for educational activities! Thanks for letting me know you stopped by my blog today!

  7. Tucking this idea away for future use... Thanks!


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