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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tackle It!

For the entire 6 years we’ve lived in our house the tub has REALLY bothered me. In fact, just hours after closing on our house I began chipping away at the tile grout in an effort to spruce it up with new. It was a temporary improvement, but I was really only getting at the surface of a bigger problem underneath. Try as I have to make it look clean the tub has looked old and mildew-y. A picture would be necessary to point out the extent of the yuck, but pictures of the tub were NOT allowed in an attempt to protect a shred of our cleanliness status. (Not that it matters)! In fact, those adorable pictures momma’s take, of the kids splashing in the tub…we don’t even have those.

Obviously fed up with it, last Tuesday, Kevin decided to tackle the tub. He tore all of the tiles off revealing water damaged, destroyed plaster backing. After a week of hard work, tricky figuring, experimenting, countless trips to the hardware store, and awkward bathing conditions we have a fresh, clean, professional looking tub surround! I am thrilled with the outcome & thankful for Kevin’s stick-to-it-ism.

Why didn’t we tackle it 6 years ago?
We never needed to put up with the tub the way it was.

Got me thinking…

What other “yuck” have I been living with for years?
Is it easier to live with it than to deal with it?

A surface cleaning isn’t enough, no matter how hard we scrub.

Letting go of a grudge would mean offering forgiveness. Losing the extra weight would mean exercising and giving up some favorites. Sharing my ideas might mean embarrassing rejections. It might mean hard work, tricky figuring, experimenting, and even some awkwardness. Not easy.

It’s time. Start pulling apart the layers to reveal the damaged yuck. It’s the only way to make a permanent change. It’s likely we’ll find ourselves asking, “Why didn’t I tackle this years ago.”

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  1. This is my first visit to your blog. I came over from Tackle It Tuesday. Your husband did a great job! I know you appreciate his efforts. And the questions you raised about forgiveness, weight loss, and sharing your thoughts openly ... those are things that have been on my mind lately too, and they a very good challenge to me.

  2. I have thought many of the things you wrote about and am happy to see I am not alone. Telling friends and family what is under the top layer of "normal" is so challenging but brings so much relief.

  3. Hi Katie, Kevin did a great job with the bathroom! Betcha wish you'd changed it long before now. But it seems like a big task, I would've been scared it would end up worse than what we started with! So glad you guys took the plunge.

    You brought up good things to ponder about too, insightful. I can definitely relate to them!


  4. The tub looks great!
    I have a few projects in this old house that are like that too.
    Not just this old house....but this old person!
    God continues to work on us till we take our last breath....I am a very thankful daughter...that he doesn't give up on me but gives me opportunity each day to choose his best for me...and that includes tackling the underlying yuck that we sure can't hide from Him! Thanks Katie for sharing from your heart!

  5. I live with a lot of terrible things that I should fix. It is funny how one day slips into the next and soon, we just don't see the grunge anymore. Congrats on a lovely bathroom.

  6. Amen and Amen! Great job, Kevin! So your kindergarten readiness testing was accurate when it showed you to be "persistent"!

    Looking for those "cute kids in the bathtub" pictures now.



  7. That was so insightful. My husband and I just left a home that we fixed all the things we had wanted to for 5 years so that we could sell it. We swore we would never do that again!

  8. What a beautiful job, Kevin - and such insightful thoughts, Katie. Thank you for sharing them - and take lots of cute bathtub pictures!

  9. Great work Kev! ~ J

  10. Looks great! Kudos to your hubby! I can't stand out tub!! We are in an apartment so there isn't much we can do about it :(


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