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Friday, February 6, 2009

Start the Conversation

Let's create a collaborative Valentine story.
I'll get it started with a sentence that uses at least one of the phrases from the hearts in the picture. Help keep the story going by adding a sentence or two of your own, in the comments section, using another conversation heart. Keep checking back today and adding to our adventure.

I remember my first kiss. It all began when…


  1. I remember my first kiss. It all began when I met my soul mate. We were walking on the beach when...

  2. he turned to ASK ME a question. My heart was leaping! I could have died when I heard him say...

  3. "You Rock!" You make my heart thump and palms sweat. You....

    ~ J

  4. ...are my hero", I said looking into his big brown eyes. "What...

  5. ...do I have to do to get you to E-Mail Me? Valentines Day is coming soon and..."


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