A List Maker's Life: Meal Plan Monday

Monday, February 16, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

Monday: Taco Salad
Tuesday: Rotiessere Chicken
Wednesday: Cheese Quesadilla
Thursday: Sheppard's Pie
Friday: English Muffin Pizzas
Saturday: Out with Friends!!!
Sunday: Hmm...It's dedication day for little Gibson. I'm still searching for munchie & dessert ideas for a big group...anyone???

I didn't really stick to the plan very well last week, so this week's list is a bit of a repeat since I have to use up those ingredients I bought...

As requested last week, here is a link to the recipe I use for Chicken Pockets (however, I do not add celery), but these look really tasty too!

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  1. Lil' smokies in a crockpot are always nice and easy for a crowd - I have a great recipe to make 'em Sweet and Sour Smokies. Also found a yummy recipe for healthy Crab Rangoon's that are bite size and make enough for a crowd... I'd be happy to pass along if you'd like.

  2. Ok...I must ask...what exactly is Shepherds Pie? I have heard of it before and have seen it on your menu a few times now...I have to know now!

  3. Oh Trina,It is actually a quite disgusting combination of mashed potatoes, cream of mushroom soup, green beans, and ground beef...however it is one of Kevin's favorite meals and I didn't follow through on making it last week b/c it never sounds good to me...

  4. Katie, maybe some fried onions as a topping for the shepherd pie would make it more palatable. Do you layer the ingredients, or do you mix them altogether?


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