A List Maker's Life: Lucky to be Loved

Friday, February 13, 2009

Lucky to be Loved

So much of the Friday the 13th chatter is focused on luck-less-ness & misfortune. However, in honor of this fine February Friday I present...

The Lucky to be Loved List
1. Lucky to be loved by a little boy who calls me "Momma" - melts my heart every time. Will he still say this when he is 5?
2. Lucky to be loved by neighbors who would drop whatever they're doing to lend a hand or a listening ear.
3. Lucky to be loved by kids who argue over who gets to snuggle mom in the early morning hours or sit on her lap during read aloud.
4. Lucky to be loved by friends who remain friendly, make the effort to connect, but also understand when busy situations don't allow for the time we'd like to spend together. Also the friends who laugh when I'm trying to be funny & try not to laugh when I'm not trying to be funny.
5. Lucky to be loved by a brother who took the time to fix my computer issues...even if it was Superbowl Sunday.
6. Lucky to be loved by parents who will watch our kids at last minute so we an have a night away.
7. Lucky to be loved by my little girl who doesn't like to go to bed at night because she's "gonna be scared upstairs without me."
8. Lucky to be loved by my Gram who made adorable Valentine hearts for me just because she "had some extra material lying around."
9. Lucky to be loved by grandparents who call just to check in on how our family is living and growing.
10. Lucky to be loved by my baby boy who settles down when he cuddles into my chest as if to say, "I love you best."
11. Lucky to be loved by my mom who listens to me talk and talk and talk... when I've spent the entire day speaking "2 year old" and need an adult conversation. My dad too, who still takes the time to write me notes of encouragement full of kind words.
12. Lucky to be loved by a heavenly Father who gave his own life so I can live.
13. Lucky to be loved by my sweet husband who has been supportive and committed for the 8 years of our marriage so far.

What about you? How's your luck today?
I'd love to read about your love luck!



  1. What a great list! You are certainly blessed. The heart tree is so sweet... I think I want to make some of those hearts. LOL

  2. Love your list, Katie. And yes, he WILL say "I love you" even when he's 5. :)

  3. What a great way to share how lucky we are! I might just do this on my blog... Thanks for the inspiration to truly think about how lucky I really am!

  4. What a great list, Katie. I may just have to use this idea myself. Thanks for sharing; have a great Valentine's Day.

  5. Thanks for posting all of these, it refocused me on how lucky I am too. I was really annoyed just a few seconds ago! The car is STILL at the dealer getting fixed, going on 3 weeks and won't be ready until Tuesday of next week at the earliest, grrr!!!

  6. ditto to all the above comments!
    I guess if I were to say one lucky thing it would be based on my favorite verse... "The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to and end, they are new every morning...great is his faithfulness". I'm so lucky that I have a God who gives me a fresh start every single day!
    How lucky is that?!!!


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