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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Inspiration by Mail

In an attempt to find simple, new ideas for decorating, parenting, crafting, cooking, and more I often check out piles of magazines at a time. However, I like to tear out my favorite suggestions to file away. One must not do that with a library magazine. So, I have subscribed to a few publications. Here's the list of the titles that arrive in our mailbox:

babytalk - You know, they offer the free subscriptions when you are expecting.

Parenting - Same deal...

Family Circle - These covers are my favorite. So simple & clean looking.

Redbook - This one is usually a skimmer, but they have some great giveaways.

Good Housekeeping - Wow! When did I start getting "my mom's" magazines??

Wondertime- I read this one from cover to cover...so sad though, I just heard yester
day that they are suspending publication and transferring my subscription to Family Fun.

Lasting Moments - I love the layout ideas & non-scrapbook paper crafts here.

Ready Made - My brother, whose decorating skills are FAR superior to my own, ordered this subscription for my birthday. The ideas are practical, trendy, and affordable.

Reader's Digest - I like to read all of "the funnies" and some of the informative articles.

Although I don't get them anymore, in the past I have also enjoyed Creating Keepsakes, Martha Stewart Living, Rachel Ray, and Family Fun.

What magazines do you enjoy? subscribe to?
Where do you get the most usable ideas?
How do you organize and store away the ideas for future reference?
What do you do with the piles of magazines you are reading?
I'd love to hear from you...

BTW, I'm enjoying the great ideas you've added to Teach Me Tuesday. Mr. Linky will be available on that post until tomorrow, then it will switch to math activites!


  1. It's funny because just the other day I was thinking how much I now REALLY enjoy Better Homes and Gardens (another magazine our moms probably read) :-) -Michelle

  2. I love Good Housekeeping, I also get Parenting but don't find it as useful now that I don't have a baby in house, and All You which orginally was for the coupons but I have really enjoyed the content too. ESPN the Mag comes,but I don't go near that thing. I just started a subscription to the Wall Street Journal financial mag in the hopes of becoming more market savvy. :) What an odd collection!!! oh - we get Highlights for both boys in the mail through school and they both bring a small Time mag home each month too - so we have no excuse not to be up on current events. and yet...

  3. I forgot about All You. I used to really enjoy reading that one too, Shelby.

  4. I'm sad to hear about Wondertime - I just sent them a 2 year subscription check!

    Besides Wondertime, I subscribe to Real Simple and Parenting. I love Real Simple. The recipes are a little out there, but I get lots of other great ideas for decorating, organizing, etc. And because I"m a nerd, I just started getting Consumer Reports. :) Pete gets Wired, which is a techie magazine, but it has interesting articles I like to read.

    Once I'm finished with a magazine, I tear out the pages with ideas I really like and put them in a binder with the plastic protector pages (I got one from Real Simple with a renwal of my subscription). That way I've kept what I wanted and can send it to the recycle bin.

  5. Is Lasting Moments the CM magazine? I thought my other friend who is also a consultant told me that, that one is also going to stop publishing:(

    I get way too many magazines and have been cutting back: Parents, Martha Stewart, County Living, Creating Keepsakes, Simple Scrapbooks (which is stopping publishing), Better Homes and Garden (gift from my Mom), Scrapbooks Etc, and Papercrafts.

    My daughter gets Animal Babies, and my husband gets Nat'l Geographic, Consumer Reports, and Time.

    I also pull out the ideas I like and file them by category in tabbed binders, very Type A personality, I know!

  6. I subscribe to:

    1. Family Fun - love the ideas!
    2. Paper Crafts - great ideas too!
    3. Reader's Digest - read cover to cover
    4. National Geographic - I enjoy the pictures
    5. Scholastic News - For school

    When I find good decorating ideas or crafts I usually put them in our file cabinet in separate files. I add the recipes to my pile to try and if I like it I make a card and stick it in my box.

  7. I have to be careful with my magazine consumption. It can be a real time waster, although I thoroughly enjoy it. We get 2- Family Fun, which I really like and God's World News for the kids. It is an excellent overview of current events with a biblical perspective, and they have it in a variety of ages. I try to keep GWN, but Family Fun has a website, so I usually just hope that the good ideas are listed there. I do tear out and keep the recipes, though.

  8. Hi Katie,

    Looks like you already found your award!! You SO deserve it! Thanks for visiting my blog often, leaving comments, and writing a blog that I can get inspired by!

    My magazines I currently get in the mail are: Parents & Family Fun (love this one!)

    I used to get: Creating Keepsakes, Memory Makers, and Better Homes & Garden (gift from mother-in-law).

    I'm actually working on a project right now of going through my older craft magazines and cutting out ideas to put in a three-ring binder notebook, but now I kind of want to switch the project and do it for kids' activities. It's just taking me a really long time...other priorities trump it! :)


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