A List Maker's Life: Gearing Up for Some Puffy Heart Day Fun

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gearing Up for Some Puffy Heart Day Fun

Our Valentine Traditions:
Hidden Hearts
I have sewn miniature heart shaped pillows in 4 different patterns (a separate pattern for each of my loves). There are 5 pillows in each pattern. The pillows have a small opening in the top where I can slip in special messages. I write an age-specific “Something I Love about You” message to slide into each pillow. The night before Valentine’s Day the hearts are hidden all over the house for Kevin and the kids to find in the morning.

My Secret Cupid
The kids and I make mini heart cakes (one for each of us). We each draw the name of one family member. The lucky name we draw is the person we decorate our cake for. The more decorating tools, candies, and sprinkles available, the more fun!

Valentine Ideas I’d Love to Try:
Our Hearts’ Desire Dinner

Write down the different courses of a meal and put them in a hat, i.e. main course, dessert, bread, drink, side, etc. The part each chooses is theirs to decide according to their "Heart's Desire." I’m envisioning a dinner of apple juice, roast beef, corn, fruit snacks, and candy hearts. The possible combinations are endless!

Heart Attack!
Cut out lots of paper hearts. Write one conversation heart type message on each heart. Include a few messages specific to the special recipient. Choose a friend or neighbor who would enjoy a surprise. Plaster their front door with the heart messages. Ring the doorbell & RUN! (I think it would be a really great gift for a young, unmarried couple to spend an evening spreading Heart Attacks to people all over their community who could use the smiles)!

Unique Valentine Date Ideas:
Searching for our Story
Set up a scavenger hunt that takes you to special places significant to your relationship. Cut 4-5 hearts out of red construction paper, label 1 to 5 on the back side. Write a clue on the front. The clue should describe something you love about your date, and at the same time lead them to a spot where they will find the next clue. Ex. Your great attitude and sportsmanship on the basketball court is important to me…You display such a kindness when you visit your grandmother, etc. Consider having the last clue lead to a present or treat you have prepared ahead of time.

Picture Perfect
Arrange an outing (hike in the woods, by a lake, through the park, etc.). Take 2 digital cameras. Spend time finding interesting things to take pictures of. Make sure your date is in several of the pictures, and vice versa. The more creative places you go the more fun it will be. After taking lots of pictures, jointly decide on 12 favorites. Using an online digital photography service create a picture calendar for each of you.

Dreamin' Together
Haul out the sketch paper, markers, crayons, and more. Take time to individually create your dream house. Include rooms, d├ęcor, colors, etc. Next spend time working together to cut and paste pieces of each of your dream houses to create one perfect place together.

There is a fantastic list of 25 more ideas at Mrs. D. Lightful.

Valentine Conversation Starters:
What is unconditional love?
What does love feel like?
What do you love about the person you see in the mirror?
What is “tough love” and have you experienced it?
Can you love someone too much?
What makes love last forever?

My Favorite Valentine Gift from My Love:
A Love Journal

Kevin bought an ordinary journal and collaged the front of the journal with magazine cut-outs and pictures. We pass the journal between the two of us to write notes and record what is special about each day. (A fun Valentine date might be to pick a journal together and spend the time "collaging" the front using pictures and stickers that remind you of your special relationship!)



  1. You are going to have a very fun valentine's day! We are going to try the "Heart Attack" to a few people near by and see how it goes... it should be fun. I just hope it isn't raining or freezing cold out. ;)

  2. Katie you are so creative! What a blessing you are to your family!

  3. I've seen that HEART ATTACK thing before...oh yeah on my front door! Thanks for the surprise! Happy Valentines Day!
    ~ J

  4. Just got done passing it on twice...WHAT FUN! Thanks!

  5. I love your Valentine's traditions you do for each other and the other ideas you shared are inspiring, as well. Now I only wish I had more time before Valentine's Day...tomorrow!!


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