A List Maker's Life: An Easy Idea to Love

Thursday, February 5, 2009

An Easy Idea to Love

Here is a quick learning activity that makes for some Valentine fun.
Remove all of the hearts from a deck of cards
(preferably an incomplete deck that you no longer use)
Cut each of the cards in half
Find the pairs, count the hearts, practice adding, and more...


  1. Great idea! You can do the "clovers" for St. Patties next month! Was this from group 2 craft? ~J

  2. that is a great idea! Thanks...I think I will swipe it!

  3. That is a good idea and I second using the "clovers" next month!

    The Valentine activity we've been doing is using this pack of heart shaped erasers to count and sort by color. Has your daughter learned her colors? Mine can put them together but keeps getting the names of the colors all mixed up.


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