A List Maker's Life: D. Vine, D. Lightful & D. Licious

Friday, February 27, 2009

D. Vine, D. Lightful & D. Licious

I signed up to participate in Heidi's challenge to list 10 things I like that start with whatever letter I am assigned. Seeing how I claim to be a list maker, it seemed an appropriate challenge to take on. Heidi's letter, G, looked do-able to me (you know with my special Gavin, Gibson, Gary, and Grampas...) Well, of course, I was assigned a different letter.

It took a little thought, but I'm ready to share my list of all things D. sireable!

Dad & Diane (aka Mom)~
My dearest parents who taught me what it means to be liked and how to be likeable.

Deli Restaurants~
When I have a choice of a lunch or dinner location I am most likely to pick an off the beaten path deli, where I would choose yummy turkey slices & provolone on wheat bread.

There is not a dessert I wouldn't like to eat, even though I haven't indulged in quite some time. The hardest for me to resist...anything peanut butter, chocolate, strawberry, mint chewy or gooey.

Digital Scrapbooking~
I have always liked to organize my pictures and memories in scrapbooks. In the past year I have really liked the color options, downloadable embellishments, and time saving tools offered in the Storybook Creator Plus digital scrapbook program I use! I like to digitally create postcards, invitations, games, oh...and scrapbook pages.

Date Nights~
Few and far between at this season in our marriage, but I like to spend nights away with my dearest. Our favorite date nights are usually spent in the town of South Haven, MI where we have a favorite beach, a favorite bed & breakfast, a favorite restaurant, a favorite ice cream shop, and a favorite theatre

Dutch Dancing~
Okay, stop laughing at me! I'm serious...
I really like all things Tulip Time and I like that we live close to all the action.

I like to decorate, re-decorate, and find new ways to decorate. I have different boxes of decorations for just about every month of the year which I like to display on a special nook in our home. During each of our family member's birth months I decorate the nook with pictures, books, and treasures unique to their life - tributes to my treasures.

What's not to like about finding a great deal? I do not like to shop, but if there is a deal to be found at the grocery store, in an antique shop, on a blog, in a catalog, or at shopping mall I really like to take advantage.

I like to focus my attitude each day by spending time in prayer & in the Word, to remind me of the things God would like to see in my life.

I like dishes. I like to collect & display them in my kitchen and dining area. I especially like antique dishes: Pink Willow, Delft, or English floral.

You D. Serve a chance to share your heart's D. Sires in a letter list of your own? In a comment let me know if you're up for the challenge. I will email you a letter. When you finish your list, stop back and leave another comment with the URL of your letter post!



  1. Great job! It is so true that G would have been an easy one for you, but I am glad you had a challenge because it is so fun to read. I am really looking forward to Dutch Dancing and it is coming so soon. Have a great weekend!

  2. Hey Katie! I have a favor Im making a calender for Grandma of pictures of all the meyering family! If you have any pictures you could send to me that would be awesome! Id really like the picture of the kids at the tulip festival for May! Thanks!

  3. Katie! It seems as though you've missed a VERY important "D" favorite - DC Talk :-) Hee Hee

  4. Chelle~
    I had it on the list, but I thought you might be the only one who knew what I was talking about:)

    I'll look for a fun picture. Can you email me your email address?

  5. Well, fellow listmaker, it looks like I'm the only one up for the challenge so far...just send me a letter!

  6. It would certainly make an interesting blog entry and get my mind working...give me a letter and I'll see what I can do with it!

  7. Great "D list", Katie! You came up with some fun and unique things. I'm amazed at how creative one can get with this kind of thing! Have a great weekend!!

  8. I think I'm up for it...it may take me a week to think of my list, but it will be fun. Thanks for sharing your list. Happy weekend!

  9. Why not, I'll give it a try as well. It would be fun, and I haven't been a very good blogger as of late. Enjoy your weekend, I know we will!

  10. Love you, Doll!
    Dad and Diane
    P.S. I'm sure it was an oversite
    that Dillon was not on your list:)
    You know, your favorite dog???

  11. Finally, my "H" list! :)

  12. Okay, in the spirit of fun and the UBP send me a letter, I think I am ready!!


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