A List Maker's Life: Baby, It's Too Cold Outside...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Baby, It's Too Cold Outside...

...for playing in the snow!

When I returned from a meeting last night (kindergarten option #1) I found a sink full of snow. The clever Daddi-o here brought in bucketfuls of snow for some winter's evening entertainment. Looks really, chilly fun!


  1. Very fun idea Kevin! That's my kind of "playing in the snow!" :-)

  2. How fun!

    How did the meeting go?

  3. Oh that does look like fun, I'll have to do that too. It's been too cold to go out and play and she does so like playing in it! In playgroup, they had snow in the sensory table and she had a blast. Don't know why it didn't occur to me to bring it in at home too!

  4. Bonus points for inventive daddy! ~ J

  5. How creative! I love it when the daddies pull out the creative juices!! I never would have thought of this...

  6. one of my P.M. students just told me they did the same thing at their house!
    That is a great idea.
    Love the gloves on their little hands!


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