A List Maker's Life: Typical 12 Hours

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Typical 12 Hours

7 AM - Good Morning Mama!
Breakfast, please?

8 AM - Happy Baby Play Time
It’s a bummer that mom misses many of my morning smiles because she is too busy getting everyone ready for the day

9 AM - Cat Nap
Seems to be the best option since I’m usually stuck shopping with my ladies.

10 AM – Brunch Time

11 AM – Cruising in my "Adventure Seat."
It’s time to pick up Gavin from school. YEAH! I love my big brother.

12 PM – Snooze…

1 PM – Lunch Time…yum!

2 PM – Mommy & Me!
Finally, I get mom all to myself while Gavin and Anne Hope rest! Time to show her my new tricks. I don’t even mind when she forces me into tummy time.

3 PM – Boy, all that playing tires me right out again ...

4 PM – Dinner Time

5 PM – I try to be patient while I wait for everyone to come back to play with me. For some reason they all think they should get a chance to eat too. I guess…

6 PM – Zzzzzz

7 PM – Bed Lunch!

Gibson Nickolas - 12 weeks old


  1. Starting to sound like my life except the three mid-night feedings!!!

  2. Wow, it is hard to believe he is already 12 weeks old. Sounds like he has you on a pretty good routine. :) Keep the smiles coming!

  3. Oh...Amanda...we have those too! I just decided to write about the 12 hours that I enjoy being awake with my babe!! 1:30. 4:30. Give me a call, I'm up too!


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