A List Maker's Life: New Beginnings

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Beginnings

Happy 2009!
2009 is sure to bring new opportunity, excitement, adventure, and news. Just as we did at the beginning of last year, let’s make our predictions for what will happen in the 365 days to come.

Katie's Predictions:
1) Kevin will cry on Gavin’s first day of Kindergarten
2) Another great grandbaby for Kevin's grandma
3) Gibson will be the first of our kids to say “Mom” for his first word
4) Michelle Obama will wear a red dress for the inaguration.
5) Brad & Angelina will add to their family again (x2).
6) Baby Boy Wojcik will be born on March 7.
7) Gavin will learn how to read
8) Someone in the family will get a new job
9) Anne Hope will learn to ride a 2-wheeler
10) The Lions will win 9 games in '09
11) Kevin's extended family will celebrate an engagement
12) GRPS - another year w/o a contract

Kevin's Predictions:
1) The Lions make the playoffs in '09
2) Katie will cry when Anne Hope goes to preschool
3) Gas will shoot to $5 a gallon
4) President Obama will walk on water
5) The new great grand baby will NOT be from us
6) Governor Granholm will let her hair grow out, thereby getting rid of the boy look
7) The Iraqi shoe thrower will get a 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer
8) President Obama will heal the sick
9) Michigan State will go to the Rose Bowl
10) Anne Hope will finally learn to "go on the potty"
11) Shine, by the Newsboys, will continue to be played as a great hit on JQ99.
12)Granholm will continue to stun us with her economic decisions.
13) The Office will still be very popular, even though I totally don't get it

What do you think will happen in ’09? Add your list in the comment section. The more predictions, from friends & family, the better!


  1. OMG!!! I loved Kevin's predictions....especially the ones about Obama and Granholm. Has Kevin considered a career in comedy?

  2. He is a pretty funny guy...I think I often stifle his creative comedy, but he is in fully force here!

  3. Love the predictions! Might have to give this one a try, also love the charm cakes,so cute!! Happy New Year!

  4. These predictions came in from several different people:
    1) The Lions will waste their draft picks on another receiver.
    2) The Shack will be made into a movie
    3)Nick will meet someone and get engaged.
    4) MI will raise gas taxes
    5) Michelle Obama will be the center of a controversy
    6) Gibson's first word will be "dada"
    7)The American Idol winner will be a girl.

  5. Patrick predicts the Lions will win one game in the next season. I predict that someone will stop smoking and someone will get married.

  6. March 7th, huh? I'll go with it :)

  7. I'm so late to the game, but here are a few of mine:
    1. For the first time since 2004, Pete & Amy will have a year free of car accidents. (How sad is it we've had an accidents in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008? Yikes!)
    2. Peyton will be walking by the end of February.
    3. The Tigers will regroup and win The World Series.
    4. Pete and Amy will FINALLY paint their house - and Kevin will do an amazing job helping us with the patio. :)
    5. Gibson's first word will be "mama."


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