A List Maker's Life: My Thoughts Are Usually Quite Deliberate

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Thoughts Are Usually Quite Deliberate

I shower at least twice everyday - usually three times. Seriously.

When I shower anywhere other than home I wear flip flops.

That might lead you to believe I am obsessive about clean, germ-free feet

(which I insist on hanging out the ends of the sheets while I sleep).

Yet, I spend the summer barefoot, because

I love sand between my toes.

I also love baby toes. I'm sure they are delicious.

Almost as delicious as mashed potatoes, applesauce, and mushrooms. Yes, I eat them (sometimes together).

However, I do not eat either end of a french fry.

I have no desire to travel to France.
But, I would love to see Spain and Austria.

I studied Spanish for four years in high school and three years at Hope.

I wish I was more comfortable speaking it, I just listen.

I try to be a good listener. Usually I am,

unless I am upset. I don't get mad; I get quiet!

I am also quiet during movies. I rarely laugh or cry at fiction.

Although sarcasm is supposedly fiction, I think it is really rude.

I might sound rude now when I tell you, I think TV is stupid!

I would much rather relax with a good book.
Right now I am reading Jesus for President
(...talk about HOPE).

The book has great graphic organizers, but no political cartoons
(which I often enjoy, but rarely understand).

I also don't understand loving back rubs or pets.

There isn't a single finned, scaled, furry, or feathered creature that I like!

Spiders creep me out quite a bit, but I am deathly afraid or snakes.

I am also afraid of my breath being stinky.
That's the reason I brush at least 4 times every day.

If I could, I would sleep as often as I brush my teeth. I can sleep through anything,

except crying. My sweet baby still doesn't sleep through the night.

When he and I are up together in the wee hours of the morning,
I pray for all three of my dear children.

In those wee hours I also crave chocolate chip cookies.
Oh wait...I crave them all the time!

Believe it or not, I rearrange the furniture in our home more often than I eat cookies.

Usually I take care of the mundane chores around our house on Sunday nights.

I was born on a Sunday.

Even on my birthday, I don't particularly enjoy being the center of attention.

There you have it...31 random things you probably did not know about me.


  1. Wow! You sound a lot like me :) LOL. I love chocolate chip cookies too AND showering :-)

  2. You crack me up. 3 times a day REALLY?! How do you find the time with 3 kids around? Flip flops? even at your moms? I love it! Hope your birthday is great! J.S.

  3. Love it! You got me laughing...hopefully that was the intent!

  4. J.S.~
    I guess the 3x a day is part of the reason we miss out on a morning at the playground with our friends...

  5. Happy Birthday, Dear Katie!
    I could mention 31 more things
    that are wonderful and unique:)
    Love you! Mom

  6. I love your new title bar, looks great. Your list of 31 random things is so great and it is very brave of you to list them all, I am inspired!

  7. Happy Birthday Katie!
    Loved getting a little glimpse of who you really are.

  8. So...I've gotten a couple questions on this crazy post! Kevin and I were discussing my "quirks" after a wacky conversation with a few friends last Friday night. So, I decided to use my birthday as a chance to "roast" myself. Because, to be quite honest I usually take myself WAY TOO seriously. And I'd rather be able to laugh at myself for getting older, than whine about it (which I might have otherwise done).31 things...well that has something to do with the date. If you laughed at me when you were reading this, that's great. That means my writing hit its mark. Maybe next year I will write 32 things about me that aren't as bizarre. (Smiles!)

  9. Katie,

    This is crazy how much we are alike...not too much in this list, however! Oh my you do have some "quirks"! :) I had not started following your blog at this time because I didn't see this! After you commented on my blog this morning, I just had to hunt it down. Maybe I should do a little blog browsing through your past posts. I'm sure I'm missing out on things you have already shared! We're almost a exactly one month apart...yes, my 31st birthday is today on the 21st. Thanks for the birthday greeting! :)


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