A List Maker's Life: An Inaugural Education

Monday, January 19, 2009

An Inaugural Education

Who is the new president of the United States?
Gavin: Barack Obama
Anne Hope: Mock O'Mama

Who was the president before him?
"The one we talked about at school today, you know the one who looks like Barack Obama.
Yeah, and mom, what happened to John McCain?"

How long will Barack be the president?
49 years
Until he's gonna get too big

Where does the president live?
"I think in a state. Does he?"
"At Hope College"

What does the president do?
"Tell people things like: what state we can live in, what house we can have, and what school we want to go to. A president can also be a daddy, like Barack Obama bees a daddy."
"Goes to McDonalds and Taco Bell"

Would you like to be the president someday?
"No! When I grow up I am going to be a singing garbage man."
"Yeah, sure!"
"Hmm...that could be fun for a girl president..."

...and you thought you knew all about the presidency???

In case you didn't read it before, my thoughts on this CHANGE for our country are here.


  1. OMG Katie...I am laughing right out loud!!! Mock O Mama is my favorite!!
    That is a hoot!
    O and the singing garbage man?? That is great too.
    Oh and the one we talked about at school? That would be Martin Luther King!
    Too funny.

  2. Those responses are priceless! I'm with Patty on the Mock O Mama comment. It is the best!

    I also just checked out the Make & Takes and added the button to my blog. How fun! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. A pink president that eats only Taco Bell and McDonalds...good idea! :) - Jodi ;)


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