A List Maker's Life: How Young is Too Young?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

How Young is Too Young?

Recently Gavin has become interested in a few things that I know are just a bit too mature for him.

For example:
~Wii (He doesn't know when enough screen time is enough)
~Transformers (Scary)
~Understanding Death (These questions came about because of Transformers...)
~Pop (Probably due to mom's addiction to Diet Coke!)
~American Idol (Well...we somewhat encouraged this interest & now I wonder why)
~Skillet (TOO loud)
~Shrek (Little boys learn bathroom humor quickly enough on their own - who needs an ogre to teach them?)

He is growing up too quickly as it is!

I sure wish we could go back to the days of Little People, Peek-a-Boo Blocks, whole milk, Caillou, Boz, and Toy Story.


Do your kiddos have any interests that should still be just beyond their reach?


  1. Yes, yes, yes! Nathan was asking a lot of questions about how babies were made when I was pregnant with Lillian and wondered how she would get out of my tummy.

    Right now our challenge is keeping them away from Yugi-O, Pokemon, Bakugan and all of those - I think the boys are too young (and the concept too violent) but they are everywhere and the older kids at school have them.

    Plus decided how much time is okay with so many choices i.e. TV, Wii, Movies, Nintendo DS, computer and Playstation to tempt them. Wow... guess I had more than I realized!

  2. How old is Gavin? We do let our 4 1/2 year old play Wii. She's better at it than me!

    She has finished Dora saves the Snow Princess and Diego. She also loves the Littlest Pet Shop Wii game.

    However, she doesn't play that often. On average, I'd say 30 minutes every other week.

    My nephew just turned 6 and loves Transformers. My poor sister tried so hard to keep them out of the house, but I guess it's just inborn into boys! LOL!

    Abby has never had soda, and I gave up soda over a month ago, so hopefully we won't have to deal with that one :)

  3. Well some of the Wii games are for fairly young kids aren't they? I'll assume he's not playing violent ones! The Transformers thing, I am sure it's hard to keep him away from that when he sees commercials and such on TV. My kinder boys came in one day all excited after seeing the Hulk movie one day, I was surprised cause I thought that was supposed to be too old for them.

    What is a Skillet?

    By the way your picture isn't coming up anymore on your comments, profile page, or on your blog page for me anymore.

  4. Hi Katie...I have no idea how I got my comments to be emailed to you!
    and...I don't get an email when you comment on mine!
    I guess I'll have to do some research and figure out how I did that!!!
    Oh and they do grow up fast that is for sure!
    I have kids in my p.m.class who are obsessed with Star Wars and they have never even seen them!


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