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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Gibson Nickolas -11 weeks

Lately when I carry Gibson in the sling or snuggle him in my lap he uses all of his energy bobbing his head around. His own display of determination as he learns to support his head on his own. Boy, does he want to prove how strong he has become.

Sweet baby, I wish you would just relax and let me hold you.

Watching him, I have to think...
Am I bopping around trying to keep my head up on my own?
Do I think I am proving to others just how strong I am?
Is my Father just waiting for me to relax and let Him hold me?

"There is a place that I know
Where I need more often to go
A place of amazing comfort and rest

I fear nothing at all
When I’m safe in the arms of my Father
And if I ever fall
I take comfort in knowing That You are there"
~Dave Chumchal

As you begin a new week, full of new challenges, I would encourage you to settle in and rest while you (and you!) are held.

This post is my personal response to Stephanie's thought and Amber's poetic reflection.


  1. Thanks Katie! I appreciate your reflection, it is so true...we try so hard to do things in our own strength.
    Thanks for reminding me to lean on the everlasting arm!

  2. thanks katie! today went ok..no bottle though. she seemed to do ok without it and waited for me. thanks for the thoughts and prayers! :)


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