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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Every Girl Needs a Prince

I have never attempted a meme, however I have been lacking for “blog-spiration” this week so I thought I would try this one. And with all the plowing and lack of sleep Kevin has been getting he could use a little gushing on my part.

How long did you date? About 9 months - When you know, you know

How old is he? 30

Who eats more? Definitely him. He can put away more food than almost anyone I know - especially ice cream!

Who said “I love you” first? He did.
“I, um, think I like you. A lot. Actually, um, I think I love you. Yes, I Love You!” Truth be told, Kevin always says “I Love You” first. First in the morning, first in the afternoon, first in the evening, first in the spring, first on my birthday…you see it is something I need to work on!

Who is taller? Him. I love that

Who sings better? Uh…Kevin doesn’t sing , but if he did I am sure it would be better than my singing.

Who is smarter? Of course the teacher in me knows that we are all smart in different ways, so I guess we are pretty evenly matched.

Whose temper is worse? I am not a “temper person” at all, so I would have to place the temper title on Kevin.

Who does the laundry? For ¾ of the year laundry is 95% my responsibility (Kevin does his very dirty work clothes and I do the rest). When we are both home in the winter Kevin picks on most of the laundry duty.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I can only sleep on the right side, crazy enough.

Who pays the bills? Kevin does. This was one of those things that was hard for me to give up the control of, but after 5 years of marriage Kevin put his foot down on the $ issue and took the reigns. I have to admit that I really appreciate that now!

Who cooks dinner? I make all of our meals, but Kevin always offers to clean up. It would be fun to cook a meal together sometime though.

Who drives when you are together? Kevin always drives. He loves to show off his fabulous plow driver skills and mad depth perception. I love not having to drive.

Who is more stubborn? Yikes, that would be me – thus the nickname “Stubborn Bunny”

Who kissed who first? I think him, but it was pretty mutual

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Him - always. Frankly, I stink at this.

Whose parents do you see the most? Mine…(Gee, is it the Wii?? Just Kidding!)

Who proposed? Kevin did. He braved a snowstorm on Lake Michigan to stomp out the words “Will you marry me?” in the snow at the foot of Big Red, before venturing back out with me to ask and see.

Who is more sensitive? Oh, my KevyKev for sure!

Who has more friends? I have more friends that I interact with regularly, but Kevin is more friendly! His sense of humor draws people to him.

Who has more siblings? We are each thankful for our 1 sibling, but glad that our family has 3 children.

Who wears the pants in the family? It depends on the situation, or maybe it depends on who you ask.

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  1. Cute idea. I have been lacking material lately as well. I might just have to do this as well! Hope all is well over there--enjoy this horrible arctic weather!


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