A List Maker's Life: October 2008

Friday, October 31, 2008

Who Loves Blue?

1. A Girl
2. A Big Belly
3. The Letter M

Better sit down in your thinking chair and think...think...think...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

5 Things to be Happy About Right Now

1. The election ads and obnoxious/opinionated political email forwards will all come to an end in less than a week!
2. Grey's is about to begin and both kids are tucked quietly into bed. I shouldn't miss a single minute:)
3. We made a pumpkin cake today in a special holiday pan and it actually turned out when I flipped it over to frost - a family first!
4. Anne Hope acted with uncharacteristic thoughtfulness & kindness today and Gavin recognized it enough to thank her even though it wasn't help that he really wanted.
5. The baby is keeping me company with sweet stretches and kicks - a great reminder that all is well inside...even if we might wish for this little one to join us outside the belly.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Party

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

We'll Keep You Posted

I seem to remember this from my last two pregnancies, but as THE day draws nearer everyone ends their conversations with us by saying, "Let me know as soon as the baby is born!" If our little one arrives according to her/his EDD that news should come in the next 2-3 weeks. YEAH!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I was just "whatever"-ed by my 4 year old, with the accompanying eye roll! I think I am still in shock!

Friday, October 24, 2008


The scrapbooker's definition:
1. a. To cultivate boxes of photos that leave a lasting legacy for future generations.
1.b. to trim your photos to improve the composition.
2.a. A gathering of women to enjoy company of friends and work on their scrapbooks
2.b. A ploy to get out of the house and gather with friends (Bella Online)

Some friends come just to visit while others come to complete as many pages as possible. A crop is our opportunity to share tools, idea books, and inspiration.

TOBER: Shortened from October, this is the time of year we love to gather again to share summer pictures, relive the memories of the past few months, and focus our projects for the winter months to come. The fall theme lends itself perfectly to leafy borders, mini projects & embellishments. October is also a neat time to consider journaling about the many things we have to be thankful for!

FEST: This specific celebration is accompanied by gifts, prizes, and a feast of fun fall snacks. This year we enjoyed apple coffee cake, apple crisp, pumpkin cupcakes, caramel, candy corn, pumpkin dip, cheese dip, stromboli, hot mulled cider, and more.... (thanks for all the wonderful contributions) Hopefully no one left feeling hungry!

It was a pleasure to host Croptoberfest at our home. The highlight for me was the chance to catch up with like-minded friends & family members for this day long celebration. Let's not wait a whole year to do it again!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Guess How Much I Love You

This conversation came out of the blue at lunch time today.

"Mom, I decided when I get older I will marry you."
"Oh, Gavin! What will daddy do?"
"He can pay for it and watch."

Monday, October 20, 2008

Veggie Talk

The Veggie Tales Live show was in town yesterday. It was neat to be able to take the kids to a special event that I knew they would enjoy. I wanted to share Gavin's reactions to the show in his own words...

"One of the songs was sad. It was called 'Pizza Angel' because the delivery boy ate his pizza. But there was a happy song. The happiest song was 'I Can Be Your Friend, I Can Be Your Friend.' I loved that song. The mystery of the whole show was when Bob the Tomato got lost. The veggies thought he disappeared in a weird machine, but he was really at the dentist. There were big t.v. screens on both sides of the stage that the Veggie Tales were on. The veggies had big costumes. They had feet. Larry the Cucumber was the tallest one and he couldn't keep his feet hidden. When he would stand on his tippy toes and jump his feet would come out. There was also a big pea in the show who was wearing glasses that were big. I really liked the show! I think Anne Hope liked it too. She kept standing on my seat to dance, but I didn't really want to jump and dance with her."

A Place of Our Own

This weekend marked the end of a major project for Kevin. He has been working diligently on building "the nursery" for our new babe. As he wrapped up the project this weekend Gavin suggested that he might really enjoy the new bedroom. Anne Hope chimed in that she wants the pink room because "I like pink and mommy likes purple better." Kevin and I thought the kids might be on to a pretty good idea, and the room swap would help us avoid multiple trips up and down the steep staircase with an infant. So, we made a family decision to switch all of our bedrooms - hopefully for the last time this year!

The "Guess How Much I Love You" motif that has been Gavin's since the day he arrived in our family will now be THE nursery for our little girl or boy. It was really fun to dig out all the bunny decorations again and set up this room as it was originally decorated for our first baby. We will add extra gender specific touches as needed when the baby arrives.
Gavin is all set-up and cozy in his new room. He is excited about the sailboat decor that we will be adding to the room shortly to give color. The window seat/toy box is a little boy's dream, as all of his toys fit with room to spare.

Anne Hope is thrilled to have her pink palace in the rest of the upstairs room. There is plenty of room for her doll house, kitchen, stuffed animals, and more. She is also quite excited about having a "big girl bed" in her "way upstairs" room.

Kevin and I are back in "our room" enjoying the main floor, especially the proximity to the bathroom (smiles!). So, once again our little home has adjusted with us and provided just the right space for each of us to be comfortable in and to appreciate!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Feels So Good

Today we met Emerson Grace for the first time. She was born on Friday. We think she is a beauty. Now we are more anxious than ever to hold our own little one in our arms!

October 10 turned out to be a popular birth day as Kevin's cousin also delivered her sweet little Luke before the day ended!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

On My Mind

I'm sure we have all had restless/sleepless nights, and as a pregnant momma sometimes they come more often because of discomfort. However, last night there was a lot more keeping me awake than just bathroom breaks. There are so many people & situations on my mind and I was continually reminded of issue that I could "worry" about or pray about instead.

~As I lay awake I didn't know yet, but definitely had "the feeling" that a good friend of mine was in labor. I woke up this AM to the message that yes, indeed she is. It has now been 18 hours and she and her husband are still waiting for their little girl to meet the world! So, today I continue to wonder & wait in anticipation for their family.
~On a similar baby note...Kevin and I are anxiously awaiting news of the safe arrival of a new cousin in the next few days (who knows, maybe even minutes) & the healthy growth of triplet cousins in the next 10 weeks before they are scheduled to arrive.
~I still can't quite come to grips with the deaths of two friends (Nicole & Giovanni) last week. Grieving is a strange thing and it is difficult to understand how something can impact me so greatly even though it has been some time since I have been in contact with either of them. It is so unfortunate when young lives are cut so short, and it is easy to question "WHY?"
~Like many others around our nation the election also weighs on my mind. As I continue to listen to the issues and weigh the options I personally do not feel comfortable with either presidential choice. I take comfort in knowing that ultimately we are not in control, yet I pray for the wisdom in making the right earthly decision.
~I think also of some close friends of mine who are genuinely BUSY (not just "so busy") balancing the demands of young children, volunteer activities, and successful careers! I respect them greatly for all they do and I pray often for them to stay positive and healthy in the midst of the stress. So, they too were on my mind last night!
~I pray for those in our family who may be experiencing loneliness, which is often accentuated in the fall months as we anticipate the holidays.

There are so many other things that are also floating around in this little mind of mine. Thinking of others definitely puts daily annoyances and petty stresses (will the nursery be done in time? what should I put in my hospital bag? do I really have to plan another night of dinners? but...I just finished mopping the floors!) into perspective

Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Oh My Mother"

I am not a huge fan of belly pictures - and am less than eager to post them for the world. However, I do take them occasionally to document each stage for baby's albums. I took this one yesterday to commemorate 8 months of pregnancy. Kevin and I both cracked up when we looked in the background of the picture to see Gavin's priceless expression...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Feelin' Fall

Today is the first day I really feel like Fall has arrived - I spent all of September stuck in summer mode!

~It is the first day I convinced everyone here to wear long sleeves and socks (Anne Hope would definitely prefer short sleeves and bare feet).
~The windows are only open a crack to let in the fall smell & to listen to the leaves blow.
~The urge to head to the farm for pumpkins is great!

~We made our own caramel apples - a gooey, yummy mess for sure...

~I finally put away the August display in the living room and the kids helped to choose themed treasures to decorate for Halloween. It was the most fun to pick out which pictures of past costumes would be the best to display.

~For dinner we put together some corn bread casserole, typically this is a Thanksgiving "special"
~Of course tonight's T.V. brings the vice presidential debate - another sign of fall as election day draws nearer.
~A friend just dropped off a good book I am anxious to snuggle into a chair and read this evening.
~Hmmm...the only thing missing today is a hot cider from J.P.'s

So many reminders that every change in season brings with it reason to celebrate!