A List Maker's Life: September 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

News & Notes

We haven't had many fun and exciting things to post lately, but thought we would give a little update on the latest...

~We had a great weekend of camping with our neighbors last weekend. The weather was beautiful for September! The highlight for me was climbing to the top of the Big Sable Lighthouse - an amazing view!

~This week's eye doctor appointment resulted in new glasses and updated contacts - YEAH!
~Gavin needed an early preschool pick-up today because he was feeling quite miserable - turns out the poor babe has a double ear infection.
~On a positive note for Gavin... his incision in healing nicely and is no longer bothering him.
~My other patient, Miss Anne Hope, seems to be just about back to normal after the ear infection/cough/cold combo we have been fighting for the last two weeks.
~During today's check-up the doctor said our sweet baby's head is down, heart beat is in the 150s, and he/she seems to be growing 1-2 weeks bigger than expected for our due date.
~Kevin has Saturday off and plans to enjoy a bit of time golfing with a friend and the rest of the time making progress on the nursery.
~Katie is looking forward to a night of "crafting" with friends at her Gift Tag Workshop & is putting the final touches on the baby shower we are giving for our friends, and their beautiful son Josiah, this weekend...babies! babies! babies!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Explain This...

"Mom, you said that Jesus made everything.
If that is true what do builders do?"

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Little Boy Brave

The children's hospital does a fantastic job of putting little ones at ease and providing them with entertainment during each step of the pre-op wait. Gavin's favorite toy of the day was the riding Jeep.
Gavin got to choose his own surgical cap from a variety of boyish choices. We figured Thomas would be a favorite. This is one of the "souvenirs" from his adventure that he is excited to show his preschool teacher. Just as his anesthetics were wearing off Gavin tried his best to assure us that he was alright with a bit of a smile. He was most frustrated with the IV that was all wrapped up around his hand.

We were all smiling to hear that Gavin was doing well enough to go home! Gavin was courageous & cooperative throughout his hospital ordeal. Today he is resting on the couch as comfortably as possible with some fun DVDs, colorful balloons, pirate toys & puzzles, matchbox cars, card games, and LOTS of love & attention.
As with any difficult situation there are lessons to be learned as a mom. Yesterday was an exercise in courage for me as well. Often I reassure myself that Gavin will be fine because he does his best in every situation and has shown great maturity and bravery in past situations. However, I was reminded how difficult it can be as a parent to see my child in a helpless situation that I have "dragged" (or more literally - drugged) him into. It doesn't matter how grown up each of my children are, or what their birth order is, they are still "my babies." (mom...maybe I'm starting to get it...)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Celebrating Sweet Pea

I was really looking forward to throwing today's sweet pea shower as a chance to talk, laugh, and celebrate babies! It was like I was just think differently about all of it with the anticipation of our own little babe, as well as the guest of honor's. Everything seemed to go smoothly and I was pleased with the final event, so I thought I would share a few snapshots of the details.

Anne Hope was a wonderful hostess. She loves girly parties and was really thrilled to be part of this one. Here she is keeping score for us during our "Friendly Feud: Baby Addition" game. So...if you were playing along what would you guess to be the #1 baby girl name or baby boy name of all time??? If you make a guess I will post the answer!
We ate brunchy foods at our sweet pea table. I was really excited to get my favorite flowers from the farmer's market as table decoration. The kids helped me create mini pacifiers out of lifesavers and jelly beans as table favors.
The baby girl got many thoughtful gifts. Each of her aunts made beautiful themed quilts.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fancy Friday

Monday, September 8, 2008

I Believe It!

Gavin was having a conversation with his Gram about his first week of school. She was having a difficult time getting him to share much information so she started asking some specific questions to prompt him. I had to share my best rendition of how the conversation progressed!

"So, Gavin tell me who is the prettiest girl at school? Who is the friendliest child? Who is the..."
Gavin answered a few of these questions with answers I could have predicted he would share.
So, mom asked him, "Who is the LOUDEST kid at school?
After thinking about how to answer this question for a few seconds Gavin replied, "Well Gram... that would be ME!"

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Time of Her Life

Yesterday I was the "matron of honor" in Michelle's wedding. Many friends worked together to make the wedding a beautiful memory for Michelle & her new husband J.R. After a VERY rainy rehearsal everyone was thankful when the clouds over Silver Lake cleared on Friday just as she was slipping into her dress for pictures.
Michelle was escorted down the aisle by her "little brother" Neil.
Audrey & her husband Bren were also in the wedding. After a slight dress emergency, Audrey ended up wearing one of my dresses. Yes...the decision on which dress I would wear came right down to the final moments and was finally made when Audrey was in need of something to wear. I guess there is no such thing as buying too many bridesmaid dresses, you never know what might happen!
With this ring...
Our sweet baby was very cooperative throughout the entire event - and I must say the quietest child in the bridal party!
Bren, Audrey, Adam, Katie, J.R., Austin, Michelle & Taylor
Michelle & J.R.'s first dance was on the beach at sunset - lovely.
We had fun putting together these favors for the guests. I made the tags on my Storybook Creator program - fun! (Jenn, I thought you'd like to see this one).

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School Spirit

"I'm so excited to go to preschool today!"

"Thank you Jesus for my breakfast food and thank you that I get to go to school today."

"I love my school, I love my school, I love my school!"

"I'm so glad I got to go to school today."

"Before you ask mom, my favorite part of the day was PLAYING!"

"This year some of my friends are old & some of my friends are new."

I was thrilled that Gavin was so eager for his first day of preschool. We celebrated his first day with our "traditional" back to school breakfast. He chose green eggs and sausage and wanted to be sure I remembered to set the special celebration plate at his spot. During our breakfast we talked briefly about why kids go to school, what kind of goals we might make for a school year, and what Gavin might want to be someday when he is grown. As you may imagine, these are interesting conversation starters for 4 and 2 year old children. Gavin says that he wants to go to school to learn to be a good listener and a good friend. These answers make my heart swell a bit, as they are two of my main goals for his education as well. He said that he will use those skills when he grows up to work on pop-up campers - smiles! As her contribution to the conversation, Anne Hope decided that when she is is grown up she will be 3 and she would like to be "a pink cake!" (I guess I need to scaffold these questions a bit more for her in the future). We will all look forward to all adventures in learning that will follow this year at Cherry Lane!

Monday, September 1, 2008


Kevin spent a lot of time in the nursery this weekend and made a lot of progress. The biggest accomplishment was the installation of a new window. It should be much more energy efficient and safe in the event of a needed fire escape. As my contribution I painted the baby's bookshelf, sterilized all of the bottles, organized the changing table, and washed toys & the neutral colored infant clothing. This week we should be able to finish up the wood to begin painting - YEAH!