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Monday, December 29, 2008

That's a Wrap

At the beginning of 2008 we listed our predictions for the year.As the year now ends, it is time to review our predictions and see how we did.

~ A Democrat will win the White House – Yes.

~ Tigers will be in the World Series – No, Bummer.

~ One engagement in the family (hmmm...I wonder which family?) – Not this year. CANCEL that, news just in...Congratulations Jessica!!!

~ Anne Hope will "insist" on an all PINK wardrobe - More like… all pink EVERYthing!

~ A Republican must win the White House! - sorry.

~ New England will not win the Super Bowl. True, NY Giants were the champions for '08.

~ The Pistons will again reign supreme as will the Red Wings – Piston’s lost in the playoff, but the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup.

~ Someone in our family will shoot a record book buck in the fall! – Would that record go to Roger III?

~ Uncle Roger’s family will visit Lobsterfest in Rockland Maine – From the pictures it looks like it was a great time!

~ Pete and Amy will finally paint their house, and it will take all summer. - Maybe next year?

~ Peyton's first word will be "hi" or "dada" - dada, it was!

~ The Lions will STILL stink - More than ever!

~ The presidential race will boil down to Barack Obama and Fred Thompson – Obama & McCain

~ Britney Spears finally gets the help she needs, moves away from Hollywood and begins to turn her life around. Amazing! People magazine gave her an award for “Best Comeback of 2008”

~Someone will soon turn 30 – Unfortunately.

~Someone else will be 20 – Yes.

~Someone will complete their Masters – Yeah!

~Someone will put Honda back in their life – Del Sol in, Del Sol out.

~Many will again lose the 5 lbs.+ gained over the holidays – here we go again

Be thinking about your ideas for 2009!

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  1. Don't forget that someone will have a happy and healthy beautiful baby boy in '08


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