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Sunday, December 28, 2008

On My Nightstand

1) Every Now and Then, Kingsbury
This is the third book in a 9/11 series

2) The Lights in the Sky, Ergang
I am currently helping my cousin edit this manuscript

3) Family Fun magazine, December
Probably full of many creative Christmas ideas that we might just miss out on

4) Tales from the Crib, Green
New baby scenarios that hit close to home!

5) The Story of Edgar Setwalle, Wroblewski
This book has been highly recommended
6) Multiple Blessings, Gosselin
I borrowed this from a friend -- I can't imagine having 6 infants at once!!
7) Why We're Not Emergent By Two Guys Who Should Be, DeYoung & Kluck
I have actually read through this already-- highly informative
The pile continues to grow, as I have a lot more interest than time for reading right now! Any books beckoning you to relax & read when the busy Christmas season has passed?


  1. Wow! I knew you were ambitious, but this pile takes the prize. I too have the Family Fun magazine on my nightstand. I liked the November issue better than this month's though. I just finished reading Safely Home by Randy Alcorn (author of Heaven). It was an excellent novel!

  2. I have the "pile" as well! The two books that have my interest right now are "What in the World is Going On" by David Jeremiah and "The trouble with Tulip" (book one in The Smart Chick series)by Mindy Clark. The first is more heavy reading, giving insight to prophesy as it relates to today, and the second is light fun mystery reading. The fun mystery is the book that I'm losing sleep over the past few days as I don't want to put it down!

  3. Books I finally finished and was able to remove from my nightstand are:
    1. Secret Life of Bees - very good book,
    2. The Shack - the best book I have read, did a lot for me

    On my nightstand now: "Young, Fabulous and Broke" by Suzie Orman along with Good Housekeeping. I borrowed "Cross" by James Patterson while at my in-laws for Christmas, it is pretty good.


  4. It is fun to hear your book suggestions. I better get reading so I can check out the new books mentioned. Right now I am starting Nicholas Sparks, The Lucky One...that wasn't even on the pile a few hours ago!
    I read Secret Life of Bees a few years ago, now I want to see the movie for comparison:)
    I too enjoyed the Shack. I had a little trouble getting into it in the first 5 chapters, but it was totally worth the read! I am trying to convince Kevin to power through the first few chapters now!
    Thanks for your comments!!!

  5. I loved the Shack too...just passed it on to my daughter.
    This is the third time in two days that "The Secret life of Bees" has been mentioned, maybe I'm suppose to read it!


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