A List Maker's Life: Mipsy

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Most of the time Kevin supports the new ideas I discover for making family memories. Occasionally, however, my schemes are met with a sarcastic comment or a quizzical look.

Well, with a little planning ahead, a Christmas scout elf arrived at our house via UPS, in official North Pole packaging. The picture book accompanying our elf instructed the kids to pick a name right away. They named our elf Mipsy (too bad they wouldn't go for "Jingles" or something else holiday-ish).

Mipsy is an Elf on the Shelf. Our scout elf spends his days watching and listening to all that the kids do. At night he flies back to the North Pole to report back to Santa. When he returns in the morning he is hiding in a new scouting spot. The kids job is to figure out where Mipsy has landed.

So what was Kevin's reaction?
"The elf is a little bit freaky."
"Who wants a creepy doll watching everything you do?"
"I think the kids are scared!"

Well, I think Kevin secretly enjoys the crazy tradition adventures I send our family on!
You can check out the site and see all the extra info, games, recipes, and more that accompany Elf on the Shelf and come up with some reactions of your own.


  1. That is a really cute idea! But, I must agree with Kevin...that elf is CREEPY! : )
    It's a great idea for reinforcing good behavior!

  2. I agree - the elf is pretty creepy looking and I am sure my kids would be freaked out about it being in a different spot each day because it would suggest that it is in fact moving around while they are sleeping. Not to mention that is a lot of work for you each night/morning. :) If the kids enjoy it then that is all that matters and as always I am in awe of your efforts and endless energy. Keep up the great work, your little ones are so blessed!


  3. Hey,
    Okay the elf does look a litte creepy, but my kids love him too! Our elf is named Chip!! They first wanted to name him John Deere! Emmah loves to be the one to find him and then lead Jake to his location! Overall so far this has been a very fun holiday tradition!

    p.s I am doing the book thing as well, and they LOVE it!! Great idea and thanks for sharing!


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