A List Maker's Life: Fortunate

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This evening's family celebration of 2008 was a great reminder of our many blessings. As anticipated, we also "drew charms" to determine our individual fortunes for the new year.

~Gavin - cross charm
"Go into the unknown with your hand in the hands of God"

~Anne Hope - butterfly charm
"Be yourself & develop a skill that is unique to you"
(Can't wait to see what that may be!)

~Gibson - friendship charm
"Make at least one person happy every day"
(Not difficult with such an easy smile.)

~Kevin - dream charm
"Whatever your dream you can achieve it. With determination at the wheel, success you will feel."
(Kevin and I probably have different interpretations of where this could lead...)

~Katie - frog charm
"For you this year, a GREAT surprise! What could it be do you surmise?"
(Hmmm, surprises aren't really my thing...I prefer events well-planned out in advance. Hope it's hoppy!)


  1. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!1

  2. Happy New Year! I meant to ask if the pretty little cupcakes on your table were your "Charming Cakes." That is such a good idea because then you aren't stuck with a big 'ol cake and wondering where the charms are. ;)

    Keep up the great work!


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