A List Maker's Life: Flop!

Friday, December 19, 2008


When we woke to the news of a snow day this morning I was actually excited! I had sweet visions of me and my kiddos, together in the kitchen, doing our Christmas baking.

On the list for today:
1) Gingerbread Cookies
2) Sugar Cookies with Frosting
3) Fudge Bon-Bons

Baby G had just settled in for his long morning nap and the kids were washed, dressed, and ready to help! And that is were the mess began...

1) After assembling all of the dry ingredients for the gingerbread it was time to add water. Anne Hope heard "water" and turned on the faucet - right over the bowl! YIKES!
2) In order to save the gingerbread dough we had to add extra flour - just the beginning of our indoor snowstorm.
3) The sticky dough required extra flour while being rolled out.
4) "Mom! Gibson is crying. I'll help him." - flour fingers enter bedroom...
5) "Thanks for helping him Gavin, please wash before you come back to bake." - flour fingers enter bathroom...
6) Gibson, now screaming, needs mom. Great...2 toddlers alone in the kitchen with flour and dough
7) Giving up on gingerbread, the few men who made it to the tray went in the oven to bake
8) All of the gingerbread creations emerged from the oven with broken limbs - too much flour I guess?
9) Ah, sugar cookies will be easier! I cheated this year and bought pre-made dough.
10) More crying...More flour...More mess...
11) After putting Gibson back to sleep in his car seat I went back to helping the kids with the cookie cutters, while standing on one leg and rocking the car seat with the other - flour feet enter car seat...
12) Seriously, I don't know what's wrong with me, the oven timer, and the temperature button. However, we managed to burn 4 trays worth of cookies. How about the only tray that didn't burn? Well, the oven wasn't even ON anymore. No wonder the cookies weren't getting golden. Forget the sugar cookies!
13) Bon-Bons are my favorite and don't require any rolling in flour - right?
14) Someone snuck into my chocolate chip bag during his midnight snack and there aren't enough left for the recipe.
15) Good thing I keep a backup bag hidden for just such occasions
16) I guess the stove top was still too hot from the cookie trays. Within a minute of adding the chips to the pan they burned into a giant clump.
17) Okay, attempt a 1/2 recipe with the open chocolate chip bag
18) The dough was too sticky. Time to add more flour...
19) Is it nap time yet???

Lessons Learned:
1) Christmas baking is fun for the kids, not so much fun for mom!
2) Pre-made dough makes no difference.
3) Gibson has decided to switch his long winter's nap to the afternoon
4) Do not attempt any baking next year without at least four adult hands...better yet...wait until after the 8:00 bedtime to even begin!!
5)Plowing snow may just be more desirable than plowing flour
6) Listen to the still small voice, "Katie, you don't need the sweets!"

Can you believe I don't have a single picture to show for the event? (Thank goodness I didn't get the camera out, I probably would have dropped it in a pile of flour)


  1. oh dear, crazy about the flour snow storm! I give you credit for trying so many different things at once and with a new born too!

    I LOVE the Christmas music and will leave your blog open and just refresh the page over and over so the songs can fill the house. :)

    Have a great weekend!


  2. I'm glad you like the music! What is your favorite song? I hope you have a great weekend. I promise I won't send you any baked goods for Christmas;)

  3. Does it help to know you made us laugh?
    A blizzard inside and outside!

  4. I really enjoy the music too!
    Here With Us is so pretty.
    Have you heard Faith Hill's
    A Baby Changes Everything?
    Do you have a favorite?

  5. Okay I was going to try and do our cookies tomorrow, but now, I am not so sure. I am pretty sure that I will have a very similar experience!

    I am a fan of O Holy Night-Faith Hill.


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