A List Maker's Life: Christmas Moments Worth Remembering

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Moments Worth Remembering

1) "What was Santa thinking?" exclaimed Gavin as he opened his new electronic drum set.

2) "Is there a stocking for me? for Gavin? for Gibson?" questioned Anne Hope. She was so thoughtful and wanted to be sure that there was something special for everyone. She even took the time to help Gibson "open" all of his presents before she started her own.

3) "Wii are pretty excited!" Dad's surprise gift of a Wii gave us many funny one-liners. Anne Hope thought we were really losing it with "a Wii, Wii here and a Wii, Wii there" so she joined in with some "potty talk" of her own.

4) Gibson gave us an early Christmas gift by sleeping through the night on the 23rd...no repeat performance as of yet!

5) "Mom, I should have believed you & Mipsy...Santa IS real." It was special to enjoy the magic of Christmas through the kids' eyes. They were at the perfect age for the wonder of it all. Gavin started the season as a skeptic, but we made a believer out of him.

6) "Where is Joseph?" the kids asked while enjoying the Imagine Christmas show. They are beginning to understand the real miracle of the season.

7) Driving together, through the snow, to Grandma & Grampa's house on Christmas Eve we enjoyed favorite carols on the radio.

8) After a week of hustle, bustle & plowing Kevin and I really enjoyed our quiet Christmas house late Christmas Eve, as we caught up on a week's worth of events, wrapped gifts, hung stockings, and ate Santa's cookies!

9) Three adorable babes all cozy-ed up in new jammies.

10) The kid's praying, "Thank you for Jesus. Thank you for Christmas."

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  1. Wii also were given a surprise gift this Christmas - by two differnet sets of family! Now we will be Wiing late in to the night with lots of fun Wii-cessories... Wii Fit for Mom - all I can say is "Wii for me!"

    Happy New Year!



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