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Friday, December 5, 2008

All is Calm...So Sleep

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While listening to a contemporary version of Silent Night, by Sanctus Real, I was struck by the miracle of that moment so long ago in Bethlehem. Honestly, quite overwhelmed. Yes, there are so many pieces of the story that are remarkable. Yet, this year I am reflecting on “all is calm.” God must have given sweet Mary such amazing peace that evening. From my most recent experience, the birth of a new baby is amazing, exciting, and emotional. Calm? Not particularly. In the midst of that experience, God gave Mary the peace to forget about the “to-do list” of the moment. I love that!

She was not focused on:
~visiting with the shepherds
~spreading the news with the angels
~anticipating all of the visitors
~documenting the experience with words & pictures
~cleaning out the stable
~avoiding the smells and sounds of the animals
~caring for Joseph’s needs
~planning for the activities of the coming days

Instead, she was able to recognize that all that really mattered in that moment was the precious baby, Jesus, that she held in her arms. A miracle! That was her focus. The newborn babe was safe, healthy, fed, and calm. So, Mary rested.

There is a lesson in this for all of us this holiday season…myself included. Especially.


  1. Thanks for the reminder; such a timely one!

  2. As a "to-do list" kind of person myself, I stopped to ponder your words. Yes, Mary must have had a dose of supernaturally-given peace. Think of all that was going on around her and yet, the Bible says she pondered these things in her heart.

    (I posted a few Christmas Change words on my blog also...)


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