A List Maker's Life: Turkey Tale

Monday, November 24, 2008

Turkey Tale

The kids have been enjoying a silly turkey story each night before bed.
I could not help but think of my own version of the tale for our family of five…

Five Silly Turkeys
Playing on the floor
Anne Hope searches for her jammies
And then there were…

Four Silly Turkeys
Watching the TV
Gavin takes his toys to bed
And then there were…

Three Silly Turkeys
Reading stories that are true
Dad heads to the shower
And then there were….

Two Silly Turkeys
Glad the day is almost done
Mom tries to fall asleep
And then there was….

One Silly Turkey
Gibson’s ready for his fun
“Wake up! It’s time to play!” he shouts,
“The night has just begun!”


  1. Too cute!!
    Did you just call my beautiful
    grandchildren turkeys????
    Love to all...

  2. once a teacher always a teacher!


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