A List Maker's Life: Tricks and Treats

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tricks and Treats

Our Halloween Treats:

~ A surprise delivery for the kids from Uncle Nick
~Amazingly comfortable temperatures for Oct. 31

~ Pumpkin pizzas
~ Goodie bags full of special gifts

~ A dozen roses in the most unique color EVER!

~ A party with Gavin's friends at preschool
~ Loads of candy

~ Meeting lots of other "characters" as we passed out sweets

The Trick:

~It comes as no surprise to our family to hear that Gavin and Anne Hope have a ridiculous fear of dogs. As we approached each house for "trick or treat" the kids would ask for assurance that there wouldn't be a dog at the door. (Ironic since Gavin was dressed as a DOG). We couldn't be sure, but tried to give them the confidence to go up to the door and check. Just at the point we were as far away from home as we planned to walk, Gavin yelled "Happy Halloween" and a friendly man came to the door. He began to open the door to share a piece of candy with the kids when a HUGE dog came bounding to the entry barking. Gavin completely freaked and began running in circles screaming. Instead of comforting him Kevin and I stood still and laughed uncontrollably. Seriously?!?!? It is just a dog! I think mom excused us with some off the cuff comment like, "I guess they don't want your candy." Anyway, after that encounter Gavin was DONE! DONE! DONE! with trick-or-treating and preferred the wagon ride safe on the sidewalk back to Grampa's house.

I sure wish I had that moment on video to watch back and laugh at. Gavin was hysterical and doesn't even remember it. It'd be silly to relive on "big screen."

Thanks to Mama's Losin' It for encouraging us to capture a Halloween costume or memory as part of today's blog carnival.

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