A List Maker's Life: A Tradition of Gratitude

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Tradition of Gratitude

5 Ways to Demonstrate Gratitude

~Always Give Thanks
~Return a Favor
~Count Your Blessings
~Focus on the Present
~Rearrange Your Priorities

4 Ingredients for a Treat Reminiscent of a Thankful Pilgrim
~Chocolate Chips
~Fudge Stripe Cookies
~Jelly Beans

3 Conversation Starters to Help You Think Thankfully
~If you lost all of your material posses ions would you still be happy?
~What do you appreciate about the neighborhood you live in?
~In 15 seconds list as many things as you can that you are thankful for.

2 Ideas for Displaying Your List of Blessings
~Leaves of Gratitude
Place a paper leaf on each plate and ask everyone to take a quiet moment before the meal begins and write at least 2 things he/she is grateful for on the leaf. Hang the leaves on a small tree used as a centerpiece or pile them in a small bowl or basket.
~Say It With Feathers
Create a construction paper turkey without the feathers. Post it in a prominent location. Cut out orange, red, and yellow paper feathers--enough so that each family member had a feather for each day in November. After dinner each night write one thing each person is thankful for on one of the feathers. Add the feathers to the turkey. As November goes on the turkeys will fill with a full coat of feathers.

1 More Special Act of Gratitude
~Write a personal story or lesson you have learned about gratitude. Was there a time when it was hard to feel grateful? Describe the experience and share it with someone. Or you might want to write a letter to a family member praising them for their demonstration of gratitude.

These ideas have been compiled and adapted from some of the neat materials & activities I have gathered with my "Live! Laugh! Love!" friends. If you have a fun activity or idea about showing and/or teaching gratitude please share it in a comment or a link to your own post!

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