A List Maker's Life: Talkin' Turkey

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Talkin' Turkey

After reading little people’s versions, in the newspaper, of how to make a Thanksgiving turkey I wanted to see what my own kiddos would have to say.

“I’ve never made a turkey.
If I try to make a turkey it will take like 20 minutes.
Is 20 minutes long?
I think maybe it will only take 3 minutes.
Just put it in the oven for so long.
Then carve off the turkey.
It’s not gross mom.
The turkey won’t have feathers, just feet!”

“Just buy little turkeys”
~Anne Hope

If you ask your own kids for their recipe it would be fun if you post it in a comment!


  1. "Well, I am not sure. When you bake it you put stuffing on the inside, then you give it a test taste and then put it on the table." ~Nathan

    "Puts stuffing in it, grill it for 6 minutes, slice it and then eat it." ~ Topher

    "What? I no have to make a turkey." ~Lilly

  2. "You cut a big hole in it, then cut off the feathers, rip the guts out, then roast it. Put it in the oven at 202 degrees and cook it for 20 minutes. I want to put sprinkles on it when it's cooked. I don't like to eat turkey."

    "What does a turkey say? I do this...(pulls her underwear down and shows me butt)...
    Ummm....(runs and gets a knife from the kitchen drawer)...
    I get this for him and shoot him. BANG! I put him in the toaster and lick him.
    What does a turkey say?"


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