A List Maker's Life: History in the Making

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History in the Making

We were not planning to head out with our brand new little boy today to wait in lines at the voting booth. However, with such beautiful fall temps (and the rest of the family resting) Gibson and I ventured out on a walk to the church just blocks from our house to cast a ballot - his first outing. Hopefully you also had a chance to be part of making history today!


  1. Congratulations, Kate, Kevin, Anne Hope and Gavin! Welcome, Gibson Nickolas..? did I spell it right? Uncle Nick is probably very please:) Heard the great news..wow, you're turning into quite a 'group' there! Love the beautiful pic of Gibson..the voting thing is a hoot, Kate, lol. Did you bake pies all day, once you were done voting?:) Rest, dear girl. Congratulations, again to all of you. Love, Aunt Marie..and ALL OF US Richardsons!

  2. That is so cute...the sticker is almost as big as his little body!
    Awesome first outing--I hope he's happy with the outcome.


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