A List Maker's Life: Happy Birthday!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Gibson Nickolas
7 lb. 13 oz.
21 inches long
Born today at 11:05 AM

More pictures, stories, and excitement to come!!!


  1. oh I am so excited for you guys!!!
    What a blessing!
    Welcome to the world Gibson!

  2. Congratulations! Your family is beautiful!

  3. Way to go guys!! Congratulations!!! Looks like a fine young man! We hope all is well and recovery is quick. Congrats to all the gran' parents and a special congrats to all the great uncles!! haha!

  4. Congratulations guys! We are happy for you.
    Ryan, Becky, Ben and Steven

  5. Gibson is beautiful - along with the rest of his family. We are so happy for you. We pray for God's continued protection and blessings on you.
    Love, Steve and Patty

  6. What a sweetie!! I guess the Chinese were wrong again. Congrats!!! LOVE the name!

  7. Gibson is so cute!!

    Hannah Hultink

  8. What a blessing you have in little Gibson! I am excited to hear about all the details and to see him in person. Congrats to all of you. : )

  9. Congratulations Katie. Gibson is beautiful and I love his name! I'll keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers as you adjust to having a new little one.

  10. He is beautiful! I thank the Lord he has blessed you with another healthy son. Your first family photo is adorable... Now, I just can't wait to hold Gibson..
    Love you -

    Aunt Laura


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