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Monday, November 10, 2008

Carry On

This week is International Babywearing Week. Before Gibson was born I thought babywearing was strapping on the Snugli for an occasional walk down the pier at Grand Haven. Well, after following a great mommy blog, Adventures in Babywearing, I have learned a little more about the joys of babywearning. Steph wears her little babe all of the time and raves about it. I thought I would give it a try for myself and searched ebay for a fun ring sling to try out with baby #3. Kevin and I would not consider ourselves "attachment parents" however Gibson and I are enjoying the snuggle time the sling allows in a busy house where simply snuggling on the couch is not always possible. I am able to carry on with the demands of the rest of the family while keeping him close to my heart. I love my pink bubble sling, but I have already been dreaming of darling slings in every color and pattern to match whatever I might choose to wear each day. There are many styles and patterns to choose from and I love that this accessory does a fine job of covering up some of the extra baby weight that is still hanging around! Those of you who are in the same baby stage as us will want to check out the links in this post. Any momma blogger who participates by posting her thoughts on babywearing might just win a great new sling of her own;)


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of babywearing!!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Come back and read often, sometimes I'm even funny ;)
    If you're in the market for another new sling, check out my etsy shop too.

  2. I love your sling!! I wish I could convince my hubby it is ok to wear our sons in a girly looking sling-the best I can do is my maya wrap with the multi colored strips! Oh well, win some lose some..hahah!

  3. Your sling is so pretty, and your baby--oh,my, what a doll! I hope you get all those slings your dreaming about.

  4. Oh my goodness. Your baby is so fresh and new and delicious! It is amazing how fast the time goes by- they arn't little for long...

    Such a pretty sling too- I tried going with nice neutral ones that hubby would wear. I didn't even think about getting more than one- which I should have because we're having another one and they all turn out to be wonderful investments! I wouldn't call my self an "attachment parent" either, but I agree with a lot of the philosophy. Babies should be cuddled and held and loved as much as possible...

    Anyway, if you get any other slings- post pics and reviews :)

  5. Thanks for stoping by my blog :)
    What an adorable picture! So precious!

  6. I love your cute bubble sling! and your newest little one is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Okay I love the sling, and would totally do that with my 3 year old.....if that weren't a little over the top and he would let me, which he wouldn't! I would have loved to do that with either of mine,bummer I can convience Tob on another one!

  8. thank you for your comment! Patty told me about you and your new addition. She said when she saw him she wanted me to go into labor even more! I cant wait to meet our little girl! Congrats on the little boy! He looks like a sweetheart.
    And dont worry...I will post tons of pictures. Sadly, pictures will be the only thing our families from michigan see until we come home for xmas.


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