A List Maker's Life: Veggie Talk

Monday, October 20, 2008

Veggie Talk

The Veggie Tales Live show was in town yesterday. It was neat to be able to take the kids to a special event that I knew they would enjoy. I wanted to share Gavin's reactions to the show in his own words...

"One of the songs was sad. It was called 'Pizza Angel' because the delivery boy ate his pizza. But there was a happy song. The happiest song was 'I Can Be Your Friend, I Can Be Your Friend.' I loved that song. The mystery of the whole show was when Bob the Tomato got lost. The veggies thought he disappeared in a weird machine, but he was really at the dentist. There were big t.v. screens on both sides of the stage that the Veggie Tales were on. The veggies had big costumes. They had feet. Larry the Cucumber was the tallest one and he couldn't keep his feet hidden. When he would stand on his tippy toes and jump his feet would come out. There was also a big pea in the show who was wearing glasses that were big. I really liked the show! I think Anne Hope liked it too. She kept standing on my seat to dance, but I didn't really want to jump and dance with her."

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