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Monday, October 20, 2008

A Place of Our Own

This weekend marked the end of a major project for Kevin. He has been working diligently on building "the nursery" for our new babe. As he wrapped up the project this weekend Gavin suggested that he might really enjoy the new bedroom. Anne Hope chimed in that she wants the pink room because "I like pink and mommy likes purple better." Kevin and I thought the kids might be on to a pretty good idea, and the room swap would help us avoid multiple trips up and down the steep staircase with an infant. So, we made a family decision to switch all of our bedrooms - hopefully for the last time this year!

The "Guess How Much I Love You" motif that has been Gavin's since the day he arrived in our family will now be THE nursery for our little girl or boy. It was really fun to dig out all the bunny decorations again and set up this room as it was originally decorated for our first baby. We will add extra gender specific touches as needed when the baby arrives.
Gavin is all set-up and cozy in his new room. He is excited about the sailboat decor that we will be adding to the room shortly to give color. The window seat/toy box is a little boy's dream, as all of his toys fit with room to spare.

Anne Hope is thrilled to have her pink palace in the rest of the upstairs room. There is plenty of room for her doll house, kitchen, stuffed animals, and more. She is also quite excited about having a "big girl bed" in her "way upstairs" room.

Kevin and I are back in "our room" enjoying the main floor, especially the proximity to the bathroom (smiles!). So, once again our little home has adjusted with us and provided just the right space for each of us to be comfortable in and to appreciate!

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  1. It all looks so nice, Katie! Glad everyone is happy in their new rooms. :)


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