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Thursday, October 9, 2008

On My Mind

I'm sure we have all had restless/sleepless nights, and as a pregnant momma sometimes they come more often because of discomfort. However, last night there was a lot more keeping me awake than just bathroom breaks. There are so many people & situations on my mind and I was continually reminded of issue that I could "worry" about or pray about instead.

~As I lay awake I didn't know yet, but definitely had "the feeling" that a good friend of mine was in labor. I woke up this AM to the message that yes, indeed she is. It has now been 18 hours and she and her husband are still waiting for their little girl to meet the world! So, today I continue to wonder & wait in anticipation for their family.
~On a similar baby note...Kevin and I are anxiously awaiting news of the safe arrival of a new cousin in the next few days (who knows, maybe even minutes) & the healthy growth of triplet cousins in the next 10 weeks before they are scheduled to arrive.
~I still can't quite come to grips with the deaths of two friends (Nicole & Giovanni) last week. Grieving is a strange thing and it is difficult to understand how something can impact me so greatly even though it has been some time since I have been in contact with either of them. It is so unfortunate when young lives are cut so short, and it is easy to question "WHY?"
~Like many others around our nation the election also weighs on my mind. As I continue to listen to the issues and weigh the options I personally do not feel comfortable with either presidential choice. I take comfort in knowing that ultimately we are not in control, yet I pray for the wisdom in making the right earthly decision.
~I think also of some close friends of mine who are genuinely BUSY (not just "so busy") balancing the demands of young children, volunteer activities, and successful careers! I respect them greatly for all they do and I pray often for them to stay positive and healthy in the midst of the stress. So, they too were on my mind last night!
~I pray for those in our family who may be experiencing loneliness, which is often accentuated in the fall months as we anticipate the holidays.

There are so many other things that are also floating around in this little mind of mine. Thinking of others definitely puts daily annoyances and petty stresses (will the nursery be done in time? what should I put in my hospital bag? do I really have to plan another night of dinners? but...I just finished mopping the floors!) into perspective

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  1. Katie, I appreciate your sweet spirit.
    I love getting to know my new moms at school each year, but your blog gives me the advantage of getting to know who you really are as a sister in Christ.
    I pray God gives you a sense of peace as you pray through all the things on your heart.
    What an awesome God that he cares about both the big things like the death of an 11 year old and the smaller things...like what will go into your hospital bag.
    Blessings to you.


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