A List Maker's Life: Feelin' Fall

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Feelin' Fall

Today is the first day I really feel like Fall has arrived - I spent all of September stuck in summer mode!

~It is the first day I convinced everyone here to wear long sleeves and socks (Anne Hope would definitely prefer short sleeves and bare feet).
~The windows are only open a crack to let in the fall smell & to listen to the leaves blow.
~The urge to head to the farm for pumpkins is great!

~We made our own caramel apples - a gooey, yummy mess for sure...

~I finally put away the August display in the living room and the kids helped to choose themed treasures to decorate for Halloween. It was the most fun to pick out which pictures of past costumes would be the best to display.

~For dinner we put together some corn bread casserole, typically this is a Thanksgiving "special"
~Of course tonight's T.V. brings the vice presidential debate - another sign of fall as election day draws nearer.
~A friend just dropped off a good book I am anxious to snuggle into a chair and read this evening.
~Hmmm...the only thing missing today is a hot cider from J.P.'s

So many reminders that every change in season brings with it reason to celebrate!

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