A List Maker's Life: 5 Things to be Happy About Right Now

Thursday, October 30, 2008

5 Things to be Happy About Right Now

1. The election ads and obnoxious/opinionated political email forwards will all come to an end in less than a week!
2. Grey's is about to begin and both kids are tucked quietly into bed. I shouldn't miss a single minute:)
3. We made a pumpkin cake today in a special holiday pan and it actually turned out when I flipped it over to frost - a family first!
4. Anne Hope acted with uncharacteristic thoughtfulness & kindness today and Gavin recognized it enough to thank her even though it wasn't help that he really wanted.
5. The baby is keeping me company with sweet stretches and kicks - a great reminder that all is well inside...even if we might wish for this little one to join us outside the belly.

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